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    With over 100 marching band members, our program is reliant upon a small army of volunteer parents as well as monetary donations from families and the community.  Some of our program needs include:

    • 15 to 20 parent volunteers per football game or other marching events.
    • About $800 per year for replacement drum heads.
    • About $3,000 per year for uniform cleaning.
    • About $3,000 per year for entry fees.
    • About $3,000 for transportation per event!
    • About $5,000 per year in music instructional support.
    • About $30,000 for the purchase of new Color Guard and Marching uniforms in 2019!
    • And much more...


    Why participate?
    • There are approximately 100 students in these programs • Yearly Band Booster volunteer hours continue to rise

    What does it cover?
    • Marching Band, Color Guard, Symphonic Band,Concert Band, Jazz Band, transportation, uniforms, maintenance, instructor fees, and much more.

    Band/Color Guard Events
    • Disneyland Trip
    • Home football games
    • Parades
    • Concerts- Winter, Symphonic, Jazz, Community, Percussion Ensemble, and Graduation.
    • And MORE!
    Football Games
    Like all high school bands LHS Marching Band plays stand cheers during the game and performs our show at half time for the crowd at our home games.
    Liberty High School Marching Band has marched in the Brentwood parades, the LHS homecoming parade, Discovery Bay Holiday parade. We have marched on Main Street in DisneyLand!
    We do multiple concerts throughout the year for the community.
    Boosters Role at Events
    • Assist with Transportation
    ๏ Funding school buses
    ๏ Band flatbed trailer with parent volunteer towing ๏ Equipment towing vehicle (supplied by volunteer)
    • Chaperone
    • Roadie
    • Uniform Angels
    • Refreshments at concerts

    Chaperones, Uniform Angels & Roadies
    When are we needed?
    • Home football games
    (5 this fall + any playoffs / championships)
    • Parades (1-2)
    • Trucks + Trailers + lots of parents = easier & faster for everybody

    Chaperone requirements for LHS Band & Color Guard Activities. Fingerprinting; see band teacher for instructions.