• Our club is entirely self-funded with its only source of income being through fundraising, donations, and sponsorships. We have a goal of raising $3600. We want everyone who wants to play to be able to do so; therefore, it is vital we meet this fundraising goal. Regrettably, if the club is unable to raise the amount needed, everyone wishing to play will be unable to do so in the upcoming season. We encourage all club members who wish to play to get involved and participate in our efforts to generate revenue. All money raised through donations, fundraising, and sponsorships is nonrefundable and stays with the club. 

    WE WILL BE SELLING OUR SPIRIT SWAG AT WALK THROUGH on 7/17/19, 7/18/19, and 7/22/19. Get yours before they are sold out. Prices range between $2 - $5. Cash only please. If you missed us at walk through, our awesome school spirit swag is also available at the Student Store. Take a peek of what we have... perfect to show your Lions Pride at any sporting event!


    All items available at the student store