2020 Summer Camp LUHSD Protocol Acknowledgement and Liability Form: All participants *and* their parent/guardian MUST sign this waiver in order to participate. No waiver = no participation. NO EXCEPTIONS! Click here to download and print this waiver.

    Preseason Conditioning Waiver: The waiver for the 2020/2021 sports calendar is pending. We will upload it when it is available. This is the only form needed for preseason conditioning. 

    Athletic Clearance 2020/2021: In order to participate in full contact practice for both the fall 7s season and the spring 15s season, all athletes must have a sports physical dated after July 1, 2020 and be cleared through Athletic Clearance. 

    Player Forms for the 2020/2021 Season: These are not available at this time. But, for full understanding, players and parents are required to sign forms and waivers from USA Rugby (the national governing body), Rugby NorCal (the state governing body), LUHSD (the district), and Liberty High School (the club). These include: media releases, consent to treat, sudden cardiac arrest information, concussion information, medical questionnaire, player and parent contracts, carpooling permission slips, and many more. There will be a lot of duplication in these forms across these four platforms; every entity has its own form. All forms must be signed by the player AND parent even if the player is 18. Original forms are required - no scanned copies or pictures can be accepted. Please direct any questions regarding the forms to lhslionsrugby@gmail.com. Thank you.