Got questions? Here are a few answers.


    • What’s rugby… that’s like football without pads, right? WRONG! It looks like football without pads, but it isn’t. It’s more like playing soccer with your hands. Apart from no padding, the two major visible differences are there is no blocking and the ball cannot be passed forward.  

    • Are there girl's and boy's teams? YES!

    • Which grades can participate? All grades - freshman through senior - can participate.

    • Does Liberty have its own teams? YES! Liberty High School is the host school for the district's only rugby team. We have combined with students from Freedom High School and Heritage High School exemplifying one of rugby's core principles - sportsmanship. AND, all LHS players will earn a letter if they meet all the requirements. 

    • When is the season? Preseason conditioning usually starts in mid-October, and full contact practice starts in mid-November. All players are required to sign a waiver before participating in preseason conditioning. The season kick-off tournaments are in the middle of January. Matches are played every weekend (except for bye weekends) through the end of March with play-offs and championships matches played the first weekend in April. (Subject to change.)

    • When are practices and games? Practices are Monday and Wednesday 4:00 – 6:00 location TBA. Games are usually played on Friday night or Saturday morning and afternoons. (Subject to change.)

    • Is there anything I have to sign if I want to play? Yes, there are a lot of forms you need to sign. Rugby is unique as there are multiple governing bodies involved in our area. There is USA Rugby (national governing body), Rugby NorCal (state governing body), and the school. All those wishing to play will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork from all governing bodies, get a school sport's physical, and register and be cleared through Athletic Clearance. Additionally, all those wishing to play will be subject to periodic grade checks and are required to adhere to the Liberty Union High School District Athletic Guidelines. A copy can be viewed here.

    • What if I don’t want to play, can I still join the club? ABSOLUTELY! We need people to help with social media, filming games, music playlists, statistics, and fans cheering at games.

    • I already play another sport, does that mean I can play rugby? YES! We only want to borrow you during your off-season. The skills learned in rugby have cross benefits. For example, if you play football, you will learn rugby tackling techniques (which are being adopted by college and professional teams). If you are a cross country runner, you can maintain your endurance as rugby players run between 3.97 and 4.3 miles per game depending on the position. Playing one sport exclusively exposes athletes to the potential of overuse injuries and mental burnout[1]. Athletes who play more than one sport have a competitive edge over those who do not, and appeal to coaches who are looking for well-rounded athletes[2] who know how to attack a different challenge and have the advantage of “accelerated training.”[3]
      [1] Dr. Steven Yemm, quoted in “Playing Multiple Sports Pays off for Student Athletes” article by Kevin Lytle. March 7, 2016. [2] Mike Bobo, Head Football Coach Colorado State University. Ibid. [3] Tom Hilbert, Volleyball Coach, Colorado State University. Ibid.

    • I have never played a sport or rugby before, does that mean I can still play? ABSOLUTELY! No experience is necessary. Coaches will teach you how to play, and your teammates will work with you. The only skill you need to start playing is dedication and a good attitude. 

    • How can I sign up? Text @LHSRug to 81010 to keep informed about club meetings, team information, and all other pertinent information. 

      For all girl's coach communication, please text @2020GirlsR to 81010, and for all boy's coach communication, please text @2020BoysR to 81010.