• The Liberty Union High School District has instituted a system of Standards and Benchmarks that currently assess students’ performances and mastery of subject matter in English, Health, Mathematics, Physical Education, Social Studies, Science and technology.

    In order to graduate from La Paloma High School students are required to:
    (1) meet subject matter standards by achieving a score of 70% or better;
    (2) pass the district required proficiency test, California High School Exit Exam (CAHSSE);
    (3) complete 190 credits in required and elective courses.
    Students who do not fulfill all of these requirements are not eligible to graduate from La Paloma High School.
    The following requirements must be met in order to receive a diploma from the La Paloma High School:
    Credits Course Requirements
    40 English: 4 years (Students must pass four years of English.)
    30 Social Studies: 3 years
    a. One year of World History
    b. One year of U.S. History
    c. One semester of American Government
    d. One semester of Economics
    30 Mathematics: 3 years
    a. One year Algebra 1
    b. One year Geometry 1a
    c. One year other Math (e.g. Applied Career Math)
    20 Science: 2 years
    a. One year of Physical Science
    b. One year of Biological Science
    10 Fine Arts 1 year
    20 Physical Education: 2 years of P.E.
    5 Health: Students must take one semester of Health Education
    35 ROP Electives
    190 Total number of credits required for graduation. In addition, twenty hours of community service is required to receive full credit for Social Science. Check the Community Service link for more information.