CIF/NCS set new sport calendars for 2020-2021

The California Scholastic Federation and North Coast Section released new sport calendars and seasons of sport for the coming school year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has shut down all high school sports since mid-March.

The governing bodies created a two-season model for the coming school year, with the earliest start dates set for December 14, 2020.  The seasons are grouped as follows.

Winter: Cross Country, Football, Traditional Competitive Cheer, Volleyball, Water Polo

Spring: Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Track & Field, Competitive Sport Cheer (Stunt)

Our goal at Heritage during these times of change and flexibility is to continue to provide a positive experience for our student-athletes.  We will continue to support all of our athletes, encourage multi-sport participation, and provide as many resources as possible to create a successful environment.  We take pride in our ability to compete at the highest level across the spectrum of all sports, and we have seen great success in the competitive arena, in the classroom and in life for our student-athletes.  We do not expect this to change one bit as we move forward.

If you have any questions, feel free to email athletic director Nate Smith at for specific details regarding this calendar or questions as they pertain to individual teams or athletes.

To see the entire calendar, with start dates and championship dates for all sports, follow this link

Thank you and Go Patriots!