Name: Brian Burns
    Classroom Number: C109
    Email Address: burnsb@luhsd.net

    Classroom: (925) 625-5900 x 3449
    -English 1: 9899784 - password: BurnsD108
    -English 3/4: 9899777 - password: BurnsD109
    Twitter: @FHSBurns
    I am married, with two sons.  My wife teaches Kindergarten, which helps her be patient with me...
     IMy family
    I have been playing bass with Stone Soup for twelve years.  We ruled the dinner in the park circuit for years, leading the "Dad Band" wave.
    My band
    I love to make pizza from scratch, which is great because I love to eat it even more. 
    My pizza
    Back when I had free time, I loved to paddle out and catch a few ankle biters.
    My wave
    These day, I'm usually busy being a dad.
    My buddy