Name: Mrs. Poppy Holmes
    Classroom Number: I-5  (phone extension 5523)
    Email Address: holmesp@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): Living Earth, and Anatomy and Physiology
     I have been teaching at Liberty High School since 2000, and I am happy to be among the lions. I currently teach  Living Earth (formerly Biology),  and Anatomy & Physiology.
    I am married to Mr. Holmes, who teaches Biology and Entomology at Heritage High School and we have two children, both of whom are graduates of Liberty and whom also now have science degrees also.  I have always loved science and I love to share what I know about the sciences.
    I hadn't used this website for more than 7 years prior to the Covid19 outbreak and subsequent change to distance learning.  So, now I'm learning how to use the features of this site.  Students will be able to find the weekly assignments here for both courses I teach and can turn things in through the office 365 application or through email to holmesp@luhsd.net or by bringing physical copies of assignments to campus.  

     Here's a photo of the class skeleton taking a selfie with Mrs. Holmes              Link to Ventilator video  

    Students, if possible, follow me on remind: Living Earth: @0e3e     Anatomy Physiology: @745d4