Welcome to Ms. Kohler's "Distant Learning" Classroom

       Week 1 Assignment  ← click link  (Complete by Friday April 10)

      WEEK 2: April 13-19:  Assignments can be completed using your student eBook by logging into HMH online and selecting the assignment tab. Here is an attachment for directions on how to find the assignments --> HMH Assignment Instructions (Complete by Sunday, April 19)

                 Workbook Assignment Week 2: (if you have your workbook to complete or picked up packet)

      • Please read pages 437-450 then complete the Explore and Engage questions on pages 441-450.                                                                                        * You do NOT have to complete: the Evidence Notebook, Collaboration, or the Hands-on activity on page 446.

      Week 3 : APRIL 20-23 (NO SCHOOL FRIDAY)

      Log in to HMH through Clever and complete the assignments in the assignment tab.*YOU MUST ALLOW POP UPS in the web browswr for this screen to appear*   (Due Sunday, April 26) Complete the following HMH Assignments: 

      *Student eBook: Explore/Explain  3: Factors Affecting Cell Growth

      * Student eBook: Explore/Explain 4: A Brief History of Cell Theory

      * Student eBook: Evaluate: Lesson Self-Check : CHECKPOINT QUESTIONS ONLY. 

      If you need help logging in to HMH here are the instructions: HMH Log In

      If you need a hard copy of the workbook pages you can  CLICK HERE FOR WEEK 3 to download the pages. Take pictures of completed work and email back to me by Sunday, April 26. 

      Week 4: April 28- May 1 

      Log in to HMH, *YOU MUST ALLOW POP UPS* To access the "Assignmnets" Tab, complete the following:

      • Unit 7 Lesson 2 Explore/Explain 1: The Cell System
      •  Unit 7 Lesson 2 Explore/Explian 2: The Cell Membrane

      *pdf copy of textbook CLICK HERE FOR WEEK 4 you can download, print and complete. Email pics of compelted work by Sun. May 3.

       Week 5: May -8

      Log in to HMH * YOU MUST ALLOW POP-UPs* to access that "Assignmnents" tab and complete the following:

      • Unit 7 Lesson 2 Explore/Explain 3: Interacting Systems in Organisms
      •  Unit 7 Lesson 2 Explore/Explian 2: Cell Differentation
      • Ubit 7  Lesson 2: Self-Check, click "checkpoints" tab to complete


      Week 6 (5/11/20-5/17/20) Due Monday, May 18

      1.  Unit 8 Lesson 1: Engage/Explain/Explore 1: Earth's Energy
      2.  Unit 8 Lesson 1: Explain/Explore 2: Understanding Earth's Climate

       If you need a hard copy of the workbook pages, you can CLICK HERE for PDF of Unit 8 Lesson 1.


      Week 7 (5/18/20-5/24/20)

      1. Unit 8 Lesson 1: Explain/Explore 3: Climate change
      2. Unit 8 Lesson 1: Explain/Explore 4: Effects of Global Climate change
      3. Unit 8 Lesson 1: Self check (only the lesson checkpoints!)

      If you need a hard copy of the workbook pages, you can CLICK HERE for PDF of Unit 8 Lesson 1 Ex3/4/Checkpoints. Download, complete, take a pic amd email directly to my email to get graded: kohlerk@luhsd.net

      Week 8 (5/25/20-5/31/20)

      1. Unit 8 Lesson 2: Explain/Explore 1: Human Population Growth
      2. Unit 8 Lesson 2: Explain/Explore 2: Habitat Loss
      3. Unit 8 Lesson 2: Explain/Explore 3: Intorduced Species
      4. Unit 8 Lesson  2: Explain/ Explore 4: Overharvesting Species

      Hard Copy of workbook pages CLICK HERE

      Week 9, Finals Week (6/1/20-6/4/20) 

      -No assignment this week, complete and make-up  missing assignments by June 4

      Email me directly when you have completed missinbg work so I can check it for you! :) kohlerk@luhsd.net



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