Name: Mr. John Romeis
    Classroom Number: N-12
    Email Address: romeisj@luhsd.net
    Subject: English 10 & 12
    English II & IV are comprehensive standards-based language arts courses.  These courses integrate literature, expository text, writing, grammar, mechanics, speaking and listening, vocabulary development and reading skills.  Objectives that support Standards and Benchmarks will receive emphasis in the course.  Students must successfully complete the requirements of this course in order to graduate.
    English II: Springboard Online/Cultural Synthesis Essay/Catcher in the Rye & Literary Analysis Essay/Night & Genocide Research Project/Julius Caesar & Persuasive Essay w/Speech
    English IV:
    Materials for class: On your laptop, or the school's, you will be accessing Springboard, this website, and Google.docs to conduct your work both in class and out.  Our books will be either in print or online.  Most work will be submitted via Turnitin or Springboard online.
    Organize Your Binder: For now, you will be able to access all assignments and information sheets online.  All your current work should always be saved online (Springboard, quickwrites, vocabulary, grammar, writings in progress, etc.).  Anything graded can be found on Turnitin and Aeries gradebook.
    Attendance: The attendance and tardy policies outlined in the student handbook will be followed exactly.  Excessive tardies can result in serving detention and possible suspension.  The easy way to avoid all of this simple: Don't be late to class!
    Late work and Make-ups: Late work will not be accepted unless you have an excused absence.  If your absence is excused, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed assignments.  You have as many days as you were absent to complete and turn in assignments--after that point your work will not be accepted (for late essays, see me).  Tests or quizzes must be made up within a week or your absence.  No make-ups will be given for unexcused absences.  Parents: All absences must be cleared within forty-eight hours, otherwise your son/daughter will be consideered "truant" and unable to make up missed work.
    Standards for Written Work: For major out-of-class assignments, papers shuold be double-spaced and typed or word processed by the student.  Students who do not have access to a computer can use one in the library, in this classroom, or the EXCEL lab.
    Grading: Your grade is determined by the percentage of points you earn.  However, students who have not met expected grade level performance on content standards at 70% or higher will not receive a passing grade in English class.  You will be evaluated through class participation, daily assignments, tests, quizzes, essays, and most importantly, specific tests on graduation requirements.  The following scale will be used to determine your grade: 90%+=A, 80-89%=B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D, -59=F.  A computer gradebook is used to calculate grades, and assignments are given different points possible accoding to their relative improtance.  Finals will be given the last two days of each semester and will be worth roughly 20% of the total grade.  Only semester grades are grades of record.  As the instructor, I reseve the right to round grades up on an individual basis due to citizenship (see below).
    Cheating: Cheating will result in loss of points and a referral to administration.
    Cell phone usage: You will have time in the first/last five minutes of class to check you phones.  In between, the phone needs to be off and out of sight.  The cell phone has proven to a major distraction for student learning!  Students need to practice self-discipline to be successful in school.  There will be times when we can use your phones for assignments (only after approval) by accessing apps, conducting research or playing music if you are working independently.
    Participation grade: Students are expected to participate in class activities, to be courteous and respectful, and off of their phones during class instruction.  A student whose behavior is seriously disruptive will be sent to an administrator.  To avoid such an action, classroom policies need to be followed.  These policies exist to help create a safe and productive learning classroom for all students.  Failure to follow behavior policies on a consistent basis will result in notes home for parents to sign.  If the improprer conduct continues after three notes home, a referral or a behavior contract will follow.