LionName: Amy Marquardt
    Classroom: S-11
    Subject(s):  Geometry
                        Geometry Support
                        AP Calculus BC
    Welcome Students and Parents!!!

    I hope you are all enjoyed your Summer Break.  I am sure some of you think it was just not long enough while others could not wait for it to be over.
    There are a few things you need to know to help you (or your student) to have a successful year.... regardless of what class you have with me.

    I rely heavily on emails.  It is the fastest way to get a hold of me, and easier for you (or me) leave direct messages during the busy days. 

    I post notes, calendars, and handouts on-line.  The technology at the school makes this possible.  Feel free to use these them to compare or complete your student notes, and definitely use them when you (your student) are absent.  Please click on the subject you are looking for (to the left) to find detailed information for that group.   

    A Reminder text group is set up for special notices.  I will send out short messages out when there is something very important coming up (Back to School Night, Test coming home, rare change in calendar).  Everyone in the family is welcome to sign up for the messages.

    The number is the same #81010 or #925.203.9050 for all classes.
    Use the code associated with the period you want. (don’t forget to include the @ sign)



    Homework is a very critical part of the learning process, and assignments are given at each class session.  95% of the students who fail, are not doing their homework, so if everyone focus on establishing good daily study habits, it will project your student on the right path for academic success.  Students who have trouble turning in HW on time will be asked to call home and ask for help.  (Or if a late assignment is not turned in the next day, I will email and ask you to remind your student.)
    Office hours daily mornings starting at 7:30 and most lunches.  Help is only a visit away. 
    On-line Book available. 
    You now have access to the on-line book.  Go to https;//clever.com/in/luhsd  (I have also made this a direct link if you click the name). You will need your student's ID number (the one that starts with 6) as it is the username and password.
    --Then click the "Big Ideas" icon.  It will take you directly to the book.
    --The "Student Dynamic ebook" is what you want.  (feel free to play with the other tabs too)
    --Another log in will show up.....just click the "log in with Clever" icon
    --Open the book by selecting it. 
    --The contents is your table of content.  (I do recommend bookmarking where you leave off)
    --In each lesson you will see Blue arrows.  If you click it, it will start a video with a teacher speaking about that topic.
        (you do have to be in "select--arrow" mode instead of "move--multiple arrow" mode.) 
        (That is located at the bottom right of the screen.)
    So now, you have another resource at your finger tips.  Its almost like a private tutor on your demand. 

    Set-up your parent portal.  I enter grades in as they come in (1-2 days of lag) and email progress report every 2-3 weeks.  I can only send progress reports to the emails registered with the school.  Also if you have a registered email with the school, you will be allowed to check your students' grade, and attendance at http://libertyunion.schoolwires.net/domain/769.  Students are strongly encourage to set up their own login and check their grades.

    Come to class prepared to learn.  Bring your pencils, papers, Student Journals to class daily.  Cell phone are not permitted during class, and will be taken away (per Student Handbook) if it causes distraction from the lesson.  Learning can only happen if you are physically and mentally paying attention.

    I look forward to a fun and productive year.