Name: Ms. Beth Simon
    Classroom Number: E-13
    Email Address: simonb@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): Special Education
    I hope that everyone is doing well and working to stay positive during these confusing times. I miss all of my students, and just because I am not in school with you does not mean that I am not here to support you. My Economics assignments will be listed weekly on this website. If you are receiving packets, they will be available for pick-up weekly. For tutorial support, just keep handing in assignments and you can maintain the grade you have. I can post assignments if you want to improve your grade. These will be optional!
    If you are on my caseload, I will be contacting you weekly. I am here for you. I have posted my office hours below, but you may email me if you need to outside of those hours. 
    Stay healthy! Stay positive! You can do this!
    Office Hours:
    Monday: 10 - 1
    Tuesday: 9 - 1
    Wednesday: 10 - 1
    Thursdsay: 9 - 1
    Friday: 9 - 11