Mrs. Kaddoura   

    Room S-9
    e-mail: kaddouraa@luhsd.net

    Mrs. Kaddoura

    This pic was taken at Facebook.  I am on the right and Dorene is on the left.

    AP Teachers at Facebook

     The next picture was taken at Facebook in front of their logo sign.

    One hundred AP Computer Science A Teachers from all over the country met at Facebook and worked on ways to support our students.

    All Classes:
    For HELP with your assignments, you can see me AFTER school or at lunch. For before school, you need to make an appointment. 

    AP Summer Work:

         AP Computer Science Principles:  Read chapters 1 and 2 "Blown To Bits".  There will be a quiz the first week of school.

         Blown To Bits: http://www.bitsbook.com/

                    Click here to download Blown to Bits 

         AP Computer Science A:  (Java Programming) Read Chapters 1 and 2 in your class book

               "Java Concepts Early Objects", eighth edition", Cay Horstman.



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