• Liberty High School Attendance 101 for Parents an image of a lion head on a red background


    Keep a copy of the school calendar for A and B days Keep a copy of your child’s schedule Please make every attempt to schedule appointments after school.


    Telephone: 925-634-3521

    Dial one of the following extension as soon as you hear the recording:

    English – ext. 5205

    Spanish – ext. 5206

    Please leave the student’s name and ID number, your name and phone number, the date and reason for absence. If an appointment please state what kind.

    EMAIL OR TEXT: lhsattendance@luhsd.net


    Only the student’s parents can clear an absence, tardy or call in a pass unless the parent has signed a form allowing them to do so.

    Parents have 48 hours to clear absences. If a parent calls after the 48 hours the absence will be marked as UPB. If an absence is left un-cleared, it becomes a truancy after 48 hours.

    If a student is absent a week or more please provide a doctor’s note.


    A - Unexcused Absence O - Truancy T - Tardy

    UPB - Personal business cleared by parent M - Medical tardy X - Ill/ doctor appointment

    E - Excused (Funeral [immediate family member] or court) V - School activity F - Field trip/Sporting event


    Example: if a family member is in the hospital, the absence is marked as UPB and we make a note in student’s attendance so that the teachers are aware of the situation.


    When students come on campus LATE any time of the day they need to sign in at the attendance office. If the student was at the doctor or court appointments they should bring an official doctor’s or court note for excusal purposes. If your student doesn’t sign in and there is an emergency we won’t look for him/her.


    If a student has left campus with a town pass and is returning to campus they need to bring the town pass and if applicable proof of visit or doctor’s note with them to the attendance office when checking back in. Students must check back in with attendance even if the return time is between classes or during lunch.


    When students visit their den office during class time, they need to sign in and out on the clipboard and include their name, ID number, and the reason for office visit (Counseling or Discipline). This helps ensure student attendance is accurate during each class period.


    Only the persons listed on the Emergency Contacts List can pick up a student if a parent or guardian cannot be reached by the school. Rev 20190320


    If your child isn’t feeling well, they should ask their teacher to go to the health room in the Attendance Office. Upon arrival, students must sign in on the health room clip board and include their name, ID number, time in, and reason for visit. The health clerk will call the parent or guardian and will sign the student out in attendance if a parent gives permission for the student to be picked up or go home. Students will be sent back to class if a parent is not available or does not grant permission to be picked up.


    To get your child out of school for an appointment, personal business, or illness, please e-mail the school the night before or call or e-mail two hours before the student needs to leave the classroom, so that the town pass is sent to your child in a timely manner. On 3 day weekends, holidays, before a dance, rally days, or finals, please keep in mind that our call volume is high. We know emergencies occur but do your best to keep your students in class for the duration of the school day. We do not take town passes over voicemail. Make sure to speak to attendance live.

    If a student leaves campus without a town pass or is already off campus when the town pass is called in the student will be marked as TRUANT. Students must check out with attendance or have a town pass in hand when leaving campus.

    When requesting your student from PE please be advised that it will take longer for your child to be excused from class, as the class has to be located, and the student has to gain access to the locker room to change and to retrieve personal items.

    After 2:40 in the afternoon please do not call, e-mail or come in to request a town pass as teachers are providing students with vital homework information during this time. In addition, by the time the pass is processed and delivered to the student, the final bell will have rung.


    Parents should email the night before or early in the morning. Students will need to pick up town passes before school (for the time during the first final) or during the break between classes (for the time during the second final or just before the rally). Students should check in with attendance if they have not received a town pass. Town passes are NOT delivered to classrooms during final exams or rallies.


    In order to clear a student before the automated messages go out e-mails and voicemails need to be received in the attendance office before 8:15am. Once class begins students and parents are interacting with the office live and we may not be able to get to e-mail or voicemail to stop automated messages.


    In California, chronic absence is defined as being absent for any reason (excused or unexcused) for at least 10% of the school year. Thus, in a 175- or 180-day school year, a student who misses 18 days of school or more is chronically absent.

    Please note: In accordance to administrative regulation 5113, when a student has had 14 absences in the school year for illness, any further absences for illness must be verified by a physician.


    California law requires that students between the ages of 6 and 18 attend school every day per California Education Code 48321.


    1 period Truancy/week = 1 Hour Detention

     2+ period truancies/week = Saturday School

     8+ period truancies in a quarter = student is placed on the non-participation.


    1st and 2nd Tardy = warning

     3rd Tardy = 1/2 Hour Detention

     4th and 5th Tardy = warning

     6th Tardy = 1 Hour Detention

     7th and 8th Tardy = warning

     9th Tardy = 1-1/2 Hour Detention

    Rev 20190320