• Attendance Tips

    Sick & Sign Out Procedures
    Do you need your child dismissed early from class for any of these reasons?

    · A Medical Appointment

    · A DMV Appointment

    · A Funeral

    · Going out of Town?
    We have a couple of ways to either get your student released for an appointment or to clear absences for your student:
    1. Call the Attendance Office @ 634-3521, ext: 5205 (English), or 5206 (Espanol) early enough in the day as to avoid your being late for your appointments.
    2. Write a note and bring to the attendance office before school (or between periods) to have a Town Pass ready for your appointment time.
    3. OR email us at: lhsattendance@luhsd.net and leave us this information: WHO is your student (their name), WHEN they were absent and WHY they were absent. This email can also serve as a written note for that appointment dismissal or to excuse any of their absences.
    The best time to call to clear any absences is the night before or early in the morning. For those students who have PE during the time you want them out, this earlier call can alleviate a long wait.
    IF your student is sick and wants to come home, have them tell their teacher and they should be released to go up to the HEALTH CLERK where they will sign in to sick bay, then call you from the sick bay office.
    Please remember, proper planning prevents long pauses.
    Thank you,

    The Liberty High School Attendance Office Staff