• Grade Level Learning Communities and Academy Programs

    For the past several years Liberty High School has explored ways to better support our student’s academic success. With that in mind, Grade Level Learning Communities with attached Academies were created.
    Liberty High School has reviewed recent research data indicating that when students and teachers are clustered in small groups, and identify with that group, they work cooperatively and have better relationships with adults and peers.
    We at Liberty High School wish to promote a learning environment that allows our students to be highly literate, responsible individuals who can work together for the common good of a group and their individual success. All students will be placed in Grade Level Learning Communities (GLLC’s). Through the GLLC’s we trust that our students will be able to develop long lasting relationships with many members of the community that will serve as their support and/or mentors.
    Teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate by reviewing and developing challenging curriculum while improving instruction practices in the classroom.
    Goals for our Grade Level Learning Communities are:
    Develop and Monitor High Academic Standards.
    Encourage Students and Teachers to build trusting relationships.
    Promote Professional Collaboration among the teaching staff.
    We will continue having our four successful academies. All students will have the opportunity to select one of the following four career academies beginning in the 10th grade. Academies are optional.
    Public Art and Design Academy
    Business and Technology Academy
    Health Careers Academy
    Teaching and Learning Careers Academy
    Your high school is committed to providing many pathways and options which will help you plan and prepare for your future after graduation. Our academy programs are designed around broad career interests to fit your personal educational needs and goals, whether you are planning to enroll in college, enter technical training, or take your place in the world of work after you leave Liberty.
    The purpose of our academies is to prepare you for future success and make school more meaningful. By choosing an academy related to your interests, you will be able to complete an academic program which is related to the world outside of school. An academy will also connect you to a small “family” of students and teachers.
    Annually, you and your parents will be provided information about each academy. Another good way to find out about the different programs is to ask students who are already academy members.