Name: Tatum Garcia 
    Email: garciat@luhsd.net
    Subjects: Foundations & Health
    Classroom: Es-103
    If you have any questions regarding your posted assignments please email me and I will get back to you asap.
    Foundations Assignments
    Week of April 4th
    Resilience Project 
    Use the information below to complete the project on resilience. Email me your project by 9am Monday April 13th. 
    Health Assignments
    Disease Unit:
    Week of April 4th
    Infectious Diseases - The Chain of Infection
    Click on the following for information and assignments for this section.  Take notes on the six links of the chain of infection on the notes worksheet.  Use the reading and the powerpoint to complete your notes.  Email me a picture of your completed notes by 9am Monday April 13th. Demonstrate your knowledge of the chain of infection by creating your own fictious disease, see instructions below.
    Chain of Infection Power Point
    Create a Disease Assignment