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    1. Syllabus: 
    Did you get the syllabus and ACTUALLY READ IT?
    - ROP Registration - https://rop.cccoe.net
    2. Homework Outlines


    will have a "Current Health Issue" paragraph due nearly each week on a different topic. Make sure you have "Steps To A Perfect Current Health Issue handy

     *****Turn in your assignments with email or Google Docs

    1. Name your file with your name and topic (i.e. MillerStress)

     2. Share it AS AN ATTACHMENT to my email or through Google Drive (HHSDavies@gmail.com)

     ***Make sure to not plagerize the work you turn in. For more infomation see this Plagerism PowerPoint

    Sports Medicine 

    will be required to do a daily reflection log in their notebooks each night. Make sure you have the " Sports Medicine Binder Instructions/ notebook guidelines. 

    Helpful Anatomy Websites


    Shadowing Hours Time Sheet 


    Advanced Sports Medicine

      - will be required to do at least 10 hours per season for home games    of their  choice.

      - Online Textbook located   here 

    3. Supplies:
    - Pen/ Pencil
    - binder/ folder
    - Printed notes/ paper
     Sports Med
    - Binder with 4 dividers
    - colored pencils/markers
    - black, red, and blue pens
    - Printed notes/ paper
    Contact Info: