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    For those of you wondering what Health Careers, Sports Medicine, or Advanced Sports Medicine is all about.....   

    Medical Professionals photo Health Career Core is a course for anyone wanting to explore the variety of medical careers available to them.

    - This course starts with career skills such as aplying and interviewing for a job, professionalism in the workplace, and basic office skills. We then go through each body system, explore the careers that deal with that body system, and look at the most common illnesses or injuries those medical professionals would see/treat. We round off the year discovering the medical professions that support all others such as imaging, laboratory, and research. 

    NATA logo Sports Medicine is a class for individuals wanting to go into a career focused on the injuries of bones, muscles, and ligaments.

    - We will start by going through the American Heart Association's CPR course followed by First Aid. Then we move into studying the musculo-skeletal anatomy and injuries of the foot/ankle. We finish off the year learning about the anatomy and injuries of the hip and knee. 

    - Part of this course, if it is allowed, is an assignment to do first aid and basic evaluation skills (with my, Mrs. Tolvtvar's, help) for a sport on campus or shadowing a medical professional of your choice. The hour requirements vary based on the sport, so if you would like more specifics please don't hesitate to email me at tolvtvars@luhsd.net

    shoulder Advanced Sports Med/Sports Medicine 2 is a continuation of Sports Med 1, but for this class looking at the upper body. After learning about the upper body you will learn about strength and conditioning techniques, rehabilitation of injuries (think Physical Therapist's job), and possibly other topics the class picks according to their interests.