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    Each weekly assignment is listed below. You can also go to your course calendar for these and past assignments.

    - All assignments are to be submitted via email to MrsTolvtvar@gmail.com or TolvtvarS@luhsd.net by that Friday. 

    - Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

     Assignments for the week of April 6th

    Advanced Sports Medicine -

    - Read the Training Techniques notes up to slide 15 

    - fill in the notes page using a colored pen other than black (so that your answers stick out)


    Health Careers

    This week's assignment will look at the difference aspects of this disease we are facing, go beyond, the panic, and be able to move into understanding as we move forward learning more and more. 

    There are 3 parts to this assignment:

    - Start on the worksheet answering questions relating to what you already know/ have heard about COVID

    - Read the PowerPoint on how to analyze information that you read/hear

    - Look at articles that cover COVID analyzing the information for bias and validity (links are included in the worksheet)

    ** Individual links to printable docs are located on the Health Careers Calendar 


    Sports Medicine - 

    - Read and take notes on the hip injuries in the Hip and Knee Unit Notes

    - Submit your reflections via email (photos/scanned images).

         For iPhones - If you take the pictures, add it to a "new note" on your notes app, then send me the note it takes up less space and will send much easier... or so I am told.