• Teacher:

    NAME: Mrs. K. James

    SCHOOL: Heritage High School

    CLASS: Algebra 1 & Content Coach

    EMAIL: evansjamesk@luhsd.net


    About The Teacher

    This is my 14th year teaching.  This is my 8th year at Heritage.  I have 
    taught in the district for 9 years.  I have 3 children and love to spend my 
    extra time with them.  

    Mission For The Class

    The mission for this class is that every student grow and learn.  Every 
    student is capable of learning, every student at his/her own level and in 
    their own way.  Our mission is to be a team in our learning adventure 
    together.  We all help one another out to reach our goal of a deeper and 
    more meaningful mathematical learning experience and understanding.

    Teacher Schedule:
    I am available ONLY ON B-DAYS in D104. I am usually there before school, during lunch, & after school. If you need extra help or just need to talk...that's where I'll be! If I am not in my room, check the SLC-D office.