Name: Chris Fallows
    Classroom Number: LG104
    Email Address: fallowsc@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): Theatre Arts, Acting/Directing

    final week!

    This is the last week to turn in any missing work to get that grade up!  If you are happy with your current grade, yay!!! You are done!!!  Run in a celebratory circle and throw soft, unbreakable things in the air!

    I love and miss my students, and I want to thank you for everything you have done and what you mean to me.  Even missing a quarter, this has been my favorite group to teach in my whole career.  Honestly.

    Email me if you have questions or need help.


    Thanks for everything!


    --Mr F








    week of 5/26

    Hi, Theatre People!   Two things:  Final class meetings and final Grades

    I would like to see you one last time as a class for several reasons:

    • to reconnect with the group--the special family that is each period is something i want to capture one last time.
    • for my theatre 2, 3, and 4 classes, to discuss the plays you have read and hear your recommendations.  Plus the most helpful of the Jory tips. 
    • to discuss your experiences and what you have learned from the readings, the video project, and quarantine class.
    • to answer questions about next year for those of you returning.
    • To discuss plans to get together in the theatre again for games and fun over the summer!

    Zoom meetings are strongly encouraged... No, you won't lose points if you aren't able to make it, but I will be sad if you aren't there!  the Zoom times are during what would have been our last classtime.



    OK, I finally caught up on my email.  At least as of 11am on Saturday, 5/23.  SO:
    that means i THINK i have the grades up to date, but i KNOW there are going to be errors.  Simple typos like a "2" instead of a "25", or I read or watched it and simply forgot to mark it on the gradebook, or the email never went through, or I accidentally deleted yours,  or you labeled the assignment wrong, or a host of other possibilities.  I have tried to be as correct as I could, but this is all different for me, too, so I beg patience.  
    Please check your assignments. 
    Some of you may find that the scores are in the wrong places--it was hard to tell for me as people turned things in late or early and may not have labeled them clearly.  So please verify that the NUMBER of assignments completed is correct--as in you have scores for 3 script reports, which is correct, even if you did numbers 1, 2, and 4, and you got credit for #1, 2, and 3.  If that number is wrong, let me know as soon as you can.
    There are still quite a few people who have still not completed the video assignment.  I can help you, so STOP HIDING!  Reach out to me.  I wish I could have some of the students who have already reached out write a testimonial.  They are caught up and have the weight lifted of of them.  They would tell you that it is ok, we can get it done and get the points you need.  And it feels REALLY, REALLY GOOD!  Email me right now at fallowsc@luhsd.net  We can still do this.   
    If you currently have an A, congratulations! And PLEASE don't send me any more work.  You are done!  Pat yourself on the back and let me spend my time worrying about the rest of my students :-)




    Week of 5/18

    Next week (5/26), we will be meeting as classes to discuss the things you have read and reconnect!  

    Come to the zoom prepared to talk about what you liked or didn't about the readings.  I will post times later inthe week (they will be during what should have been our class time).  I can't wait to see you!  

    This week (5/18), It's catch-up week in theatre!

    I have a lot of grades to enter in the gradebook, so give me a day to get things entered.  I also am playing catch-up myself so if you turned in anything between 5/5 and 5/9, it isn't graded yet, but i am working on it!  Please be patient.  I will have those done by midweek.   The other assignments i should have entered today and you should see them in the gradebook.

    If you have completed all the assignments so far, sweet!   It must feel really good to have things off your shoulders.  You are the best!  It has been lots of fun to watch your scenes and read your reports.  I have loved it all. 

    Now take the week and tackle a different class.  OPTIONAL: Watch a play or musical and then cast it with people you know.  It's a fun way to look at a show.

    IF you are, like me, behind and need to play catch-up, THIS IS YOUR WEEK!

    Everything can still be turned in, and we have this week.  

    If you know what you need to work on and don't need help, that makes me sad cuz i like helping.  But go ahead and and get it done.

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, Let me help you, silly person!  Grab a zoom time here: SIGNUP GENIUS LINK  Before we  meet, breathe slowly, and, if you can, read one thing, just do one assignment.  They don't take long.  There is nothing we can't fix. If you have one thing to make up or if you haven't started, it makes no difference to me.


    FREE SHOWS TO WATCH:  https://video.whyy.org/show/great-performances/collections/broadway-pbs/

    Thanks to everyone who has completed the play review!  It sounds like you have seen some great shows!

    For all classes: 


    Click here if You Need to Complete a Play Review