• August 2024

    Room E115

    Hi everyone!!!

    Welcome back everybody. On one hand I’m really excited about starting the school year, and yet on the other side I’m saddened that it Has to be this way. But, we will make the best of it and will come together and do some really good work. I have faith in all of you! 

    As we start this new school year let’s talk about what it’s going to look like. You guys will come to school every day just like you normally would.  The big difference is that we will be using Zoom every day as well as something called Canvas.  Don't stress, we will learn about Canvas together!

    I strongly recommend you have a special place in your home that you can do that. I also recommend against having your laptop or phone in bed and rolling over, logging in, turn off your microphone and video and go back to sleep. This is not the fourth quarter! 

    You and I both have real expectations this year and it starts with showing up to class on time and ready to go. I strongly encourage you to get in the habit of coming to class five minutes early. You will have 20-40 minute breaks in between classes. In the beginning we will go over all you will need to know, whether it’s Canvas, our new Learning Management System (LMS), Zoom, Google, Pear Deck to name just a few. 

    Most importantly, whatever you do, don’t freak out! I will help you get through all of this even when you stumble, for I will stumble as well. Again, this is new for all of us! 

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