Willkommen zu Frau Textors Seite

    Guten Tag!  I hope that everyone is doing well.  Click on your German level and the correct date to see the weekly assignments.  It is NOT by class period!

    Deutsch 1: 18-22 Mai (ENDE)
    Deutsch 3+4: 18-22 Mai (ENDE)

    Deutsch 1: 11-15. Mai
    Deutsch 3+4: 11-15. Mai

    Deutsch 1: 4-8 Mai
    Deutsch 3+4: 4-8. Mai

    Deutsch 1: 28.April--1.Mai
    Deutsch 3+4: 28. April--1.Mai

    Deutsch 1: 20-24. April
    Deutsch 3+4: 20-24. April

    Deutsch 1: 13-17 April
    Deutsch 3+4: 13-17 April

    Deutsch 1: 6. APRIL
    Deutsch 3+4: 6. APRIL

    What does distance learning look like for German classes?:
    Each Monday morning, you can find the assignments for the week (IEP/504: check in with me via email if modifications are needed).  You will turn in your assignments on a GoogleSlide presentation by that Friday (at 3p).  That one file will become like a portfolio for our learning.  At the end, you will have a whole “slideshow” of learning. (This also keeps me from receiving 100+ emails every week).

    What if I don’t have a computer?
    You can contact the school to check out a computer (or even pick up the assignments in printed out form). 

    How can I get help?
    All teachers can be reached by email during school hours.
    LEO= my favorite online dictionary/ free app.  Google translate does NOT give you the info you need to work with words. 
    Please let me know if you have challenges with your distance learning.  I will do the best to modify work. This is new to all of us. Communication has always been our #1 learning goal.  It is key to communicate if you are struggling with your assignments. You can also reach me on the Zoom office hours (or email to set up another time to talk).

    When are your Zoom office hours?
    To offer additional support, I will be offering office hours (via Zoom, the code will be sent out via email).  One needs to download the Zoom app on your phone/computer and you can join anytime during your level’s hours. It will be a chance to practice speaking, check in on the weekly assignments, ask questions and see classmates.  They are not mandatory but can be inspiring and connect back to the feeling of a live class. I am starting simple but may expand the Zoom sessions.

    Office Hours for the week of April 6th
    German 1 period 2: Tuesday from 11-11:30. 
    German 1 period 4: Tuesday from 11:30-12.
    German 3+4: Wednesday from 11-12

    Frau Textor