• Hello Awesome Freedom Falcons and their Families!  I am extremely pleased to be working with you (or your student) on Chemistry this year.  Maintaining a website is not my strength, but every year, I say I am going to try!  I am including below our daily agenda with homework.  This may help you of you were absent, forgot to write down homework, or if parents want to check on what their students are doing.  I also keep Aeries (our computer grades up to date).  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at stephensond@luhsd.net.  I am available during 1st lunch, thursday advisory or after school for questions.

    What we are doing in class:

    August 16 and 19, 2019

    • Students turned in Candle ClEveR (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning)
    • Experiment: The heating curve of water
    • Graph the data
    • Model what energy (heat) is doing to matter (water) at the molecular level to better understand physical changes
    • Students will get textbooks and take out pages 32 to 35 to use to study for their quiz
    • HW: Study for a quiz next class on the difference between physical and chemical changes.

    August 14 and 15, 2019

    • Read articles if you need additional explanation about how a candle works.
    • Write the 1st or 2nd draft of your ClEveR answering the question: "Is using a candle a chemical reaction, a physical change or both?"
    • Re-read, ask a classmate to revise your writing or ask the teacher to revise your writing.
    • Work on revising your ClEveR.
    • The teacher checks your models of the candle.
    • Homework:
      • Complete the 2nd draft of your ClEveR.

    August 12 and 13, 2019

    • Experiments to understand how a candle works
    • Discuss our observations
    • Determine what this tells us about how a candle works
    • Include this information in our model of the candle
    • Homework:
      • Write an outline or rough draft for our question about how a candle works.
      • ClEveR Question: Is using a candle a chemical reaction, a physical change or both?
    Possible Donations: I was asked about any need for donations for the classroom.  Tissues and black Expo markers are always needed.  As it is public school, I am not allowed to offer extra credit for donations, but these donations would still be appreciated!