• Name: Dalia S. Stephenson
    Classroom Number: I-111
    2018-2019 Preps: 1st and 5th Period
    Email Address: stephensond@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): Chemistry in the Earth System (formerly known as "Chemistry")

    Educational Background:
    Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston, MA
    Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering from Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
    Teaching Credential from Cal State East Bay, Hayward, CA

    We have had many students absent this past week.  If you need to know what you missed and what we are learning, please read below:

    Students: Our current topics are the Periodic Table, Atomic Radius Trend, and Valence Electrons.

    In the textbook, you can find information on these topic in Chapter 6 (up to page 171) and Chapter 7.1.

    For additional help on the Atomic Radius Trend, you can view this youtube video.  It covers other topics (Ionization Energy and Electronegativity) that we will cover in the near future too, but you only need the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds for now.


    For additional help on Valence electrons, view this youtube video:


    This video is very detailed:


    Please come see me for class notes and practice on these topics.


    Possible Donations: I was asked about any need for donations for the classroom.  Tissues and black Expo markers are always needed.  As it is public school, I am not allowed to offer extra credit for donations, but these donations would still be appreciated!