• John Boone - Social Studies

    US History and Economics

    Email: boonej@luhsd.net



    Fall 2020


    Welcome to distance learning as we develop it…  I’m trusting most of you will have online access and will utilize all the cool aspects of online learning as we develop them over the course of the next 8 weeks.  For those few of you who do not have any means of working electronically while working remotely, fear not.  We will accommodate you too.  My students and their parents should feel free to contact me anytime.       

    I look forward to this unique opportunity to work with each and every one of you in this exciting new way.  This should be looked upon as an exciting opportunity to experience new ways to learn and grow as students in their quest for a diploma.  Please remember to be safe and make healthy choices. 

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    Love you all and Miss you more


    Contact info: Text, voice mail and email all work.