• Distinguished School
    Name: Kimberly Cruit
    Classroom Number: N105
    Email Address: cruitk@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): World History and AP Human Geography

    Hi Students and Parents,  

    Welcome to Mrs. Cruit's Distance Learning Classroom.

    World History students will find their weekly assignments here.

    AP Human Geography students will find their weekly assignments here. 

    HHS Staff this is a link to your resources

    As your teacher, I have been working with other teachers on campus to design what society calls "distance learning opportunities". I understand that times are uncertain and news changes daily about our progress against COVID-19.  

    In order to maintain some sense of normalcy and continue your academic progress in preparation for the next school year, we will continue a remote schooling opportunity for you. Specifically for World History, we will work together to complete modified standards in preparation for United States History next year and for your eventual graduation from HHS. For AP Human Geography, we will be doing our best to review for the test this May. The content for the AP exam has been modified to only cover units 1-5, so our review material will focus on that content.  

    Each week I will design lessons meant to facilitate your learning and understanding of the modified standards of World History or the content of units 1-5 for APHG. It will be your responsibility to complete those lessons and assignments within the week and submit them to me via email: cruitk@luhsd.net.  

    Please format the subject line of your email like this: period, last name, first name, week.  

    An example of a submitted assignmet from Carol Baskins in period 1 for week 1's assignment would be "period 1, Baskins, Carol, week 1" in the subject line. Then please attached your saved or scanned work in the email.  

    World History students, you will have two options for assignments. For those of you who wish to work on the same concepts on a familiar platform instead of packet form, you will be asked to complete each week's assignments on TCI using clever. We have used this platform in class, in the past.   

    For all students in WH and AP I will not assign more than an estimated 1.5 hours of work a week and will maintain updated grades at the end of each lesson cycle. This means, each week's lessons will be posted on Monday by 9am and the assignments will be due by that week's Friday at 11:59pm.  

    As a learning community we will be able to decompress each weekend. I will then monitor your individual progress and grade your work Monday and Tuesday, updating grades Wednesday thru Friday. As a student, you will be able to monitor your progress and confirm your completed work by the end of day each following week.  

    For clarification, any work you submit by Friday, April 10th at 11:59pm will be updated, graded and submitted by the following Friday, April 17th by 11:59pm. 

    Keep in mind that our situation is fluid and things change frequently. I will do my best to maintain an open line of communication and be transparent if for any reason, the expectations I've set here cannot be executed. Check your email regularly and I will do the same.  

    I have designated office hours for email responses from 10-11:30am and 1:30-3:15pm each day Monday thru Friday. Please understand that if you email me out of those hours, I will only guarantee a reply between these hours.  

    For clarification, if you email me at 12:14pm on a Monday, you can expect a response by 3:15 the same day. But, if you email me at 5:33pm on a Tuesday I will be working to reply to you by 11:30am or 3:15pm on the next day (Wednesday).  

    I will do my best to keep you updated and informed about our progress as a learning community. Please do your best to keep me updated on your questions and concerns. Email me regularly at cruitk@luhsd.net and make note of any questions you have on your assignments.  


    Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.  



    Mrs. Cruit