• Friday, June 1, 2018      

    A & B Traditional Day

    Students, please be aware that all bathrooms and hallways in the B, C, D, and E buildings will be off limits during BOTH lunches. We have opened up the restrooms in the H, I and J quads for you to use during those times. Students caught in the B, C, D, E hallways without a bathroom pass during lunch, will be issued disciplinary consequences. (Carreon)

    Students-As the weather begins to heat up, we are beginning to see more students who are breaking the dress code that is outlined in the Parent Student handbook. Students are expected to attend school in clothing that does not disrupt the educational process, and may be subject to disciplinary action if they break the dress code. The following guidelines have been put forth by the district and school board:

    • Garments that expose the chest, and tank tops with extended armholes are prohibited.
    • Shirts and shoes are required at all times. No bare midriffs or bare backs, no low cut or revealing tops are allowed.

      No “off-the-shoulder” garments are to be worn. Garments, including pants, shall be sufficient to conceal underclothes.

      No underclothing should be worn as outer clothing.

    • References or innuendoes to drugs, alcohol, weapons, sex, tobacco, racial slurs, profanity, or any disparaging remarks are prohibited.
    • Any gang symbols are strictly prohibited. A more restrictive policy may be applied as necessary to maintain a safe and orderly campus.

    You support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Students, please remember to wear your ID every period, every day. If you have lost it, go to your building office for a replacement ID. Paper replacement IDs are no cost.

    Effective Monday, October 30th: Students that need to purchase a plastic ID will go to the Student Store, before school, at lunch, or after school. The cost is $3.  Plastic ID’s will no longer be sold at the building offices.

    If you replace it before the school day starts there are no consequences. If you are caught without your ID during the school day, you will be subject to disciplinary consequences.

    It is important that you have a valid ID as they are needed to check out books and text books, to buy breakfast/lunch, as well as entrance to school events such as games and dances. (Carreon)

    Students, we have noticed an increased number of student out and about during class time without a pass. Students are required to have a bathroom or hall pass when they leave a class during instructional time. We will be stopping students to check for passes. Those without passes will be issued appropriate disciplinary consequences. (Carreon)

    Teachers & Students, Students: The after school HELP Lab will be located in E 119, the Testing Lab.  If you need help with academic work, please join us from 3:15-4:15, Monday through Thursday. Since the HELP lab will be moving, the FHS library will now be closed at 3:45 every day.  (Carreon)

    Students & Staff: Starting Monday, December 4th, the gate between the B and H buildings will be closed and locked during school hours, from 8:20-3:00. Campus supervisors will open the gate for the first 10 minutes of the 2nd lunch period only, to allow unscheduled students to leave. Between the hours of 8:20 and 3:00, students and staff must enter and exit campus through the A building. Please be advised that you may be asked to show your schedule to prove you have an unscheduled period. (Carreon)

    Attention Students:  As of Monday April 30th the cafeteria will be taking cash only.  There will be no charging.  If you want breakfast or lunch make sure to bring cash or already have money on your account.

    Students who participated in the PSAT 10 Test on April 5, 2018; the results have finally have arrived.  Students can pick up their test results at the Career Center before school, during lunch time or after school. Tests WILL NOT be handed out during class time.  (6/1 Leon)

    "Freedom Falcons! All grades are welcome to pick up and purchase yearbooks beginning today at the Student Union! We will be open before and after school only--not at lunch. They are $80 and bring you student ID or Driver’s License. If you have questions, see Mrs. Runzler in I-112 during either lunch period."

    Attention Seniors!  You’ve been accepted to college- CONGRATULATIONS!

    Most of you have already received your acceptance letters, so don’t forget to request your Final Senior Transcripts!  Pick up a request form in the Registrar’s office or request them online at www.parchment.com  Please see Mrs. Bills if you have any questions about final transcripts. (5/30 Bills)

    Summer school applications are here in building offices. Summer school will be at Heritage and transportation is available from Freedom. First semester class is June 12-22 and second semester class will be June 25 - July 6. Please come in and pick up an application in Building offices if you failed a core class or want to improve a grade of “D” in a college prep course. Thanks! (June Yarbrough)

    Next year Juniors and Seniors can apply to LMC and enroll in a Career Exploration LMC course that will be on Freedom campus after school. The class is only 9 weeks long and will begin Sept 4 at 3:15-4:45 in Room E-107 Forms are available in your counselor’s office. Please turn in dual enrollment forms to E building counselor, Mrs. Yarbrough. Students will earn LMC 1.5 college units and earn 5 high school credits and the cost is free! The space is limited so don’t delay we can only accept 35 students. (6/7 Yarbrough)

    Remember ALL textbooks & Novels are due by the last day of school.

    Please take note, the textbook room will only be open until June 22nd for returns and AP book check out. (6/8 Gonzalez)

    Very Important Reminder: PLEASE pick up your school pictures in the Student Store, before, after school and during lunch.

    Quote of the week:  "The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it." --Henry Ford

    On this day in History:   Please stand and say The Pledge Of Allegiance