• Distinguished School
     Name: Danny Hauger
    Classroom: P-105
    Email Address: haugerd@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): U.S. History, Economics, and Government
    It is my pleasure to teach your students!

    With a background in teaching, sports broadcasting, debate, and music, I hope to inspire students to expand on their abilities, critical thinking, verbal, and written abilities. Each class starts with a journal prompt related to our studies, or a related discussion that will connect our material to current events. 

    Some of my goals areto instill a desire for lifelong learning, willingness to work hard and exceed expectations,  connect our past to our present, and build students who are ready to understand and to be understood when having productive dialogue.

    Remind codes:

    Economics: EHauger

    US History: USHauger


    Hauger History Podcast (audio, YouTube, iTunes)