• Students with access to technology / internet: 

    Freshmen: Week 1 Online - Freshmen

    Sophomores: Week 1 Online - Sophomores

    Students WITHOUT access to technology / internet (packets): 

    Week 1 Packet - Freshmen 

    Week 1 Packet - Sophomores


    Welcome to online distance learning! Although this may not be the experience you had expected, this is a great learning opportunity for you to get familiar with online learning! Many colleges and universities use online learning for their curriculum courses. So, while we all may be feeling uneasy about this new way of teaching/learning, let's embrace it as a new opportunity to get prepared for your future and have fun along the way! Below you will find how to contact me, my weekly schedule, and when I will be hosting zoom calls for ONLY students who have any questions about the weekly assignments. In order to be allowed on a zoom call you need to come prepared with questions about the assignments prior to attending the meeting, AND you must sign up on sign up genius by 11:59pm on Mondays to be accepted into the zoom call. I will be sending out a sign up sheet through sign up genius on Mondays. 
    Contact Information: 
    1. You can contact me on the Remind App. The remind codes are in the tab on the right hand side of the screen. 
    2. My email is slocume@luhsd.net 
    3. If you need to set up a one on one phone call, contact me via the Remind App/Email & we can schedule a time for a one on one conference. 
    Weekly Schedule: 
    - Monday: Weekly assignments will be posted and labeled on the right hand side of this page with all necessary information to complete the work by Friday of each week. Look through the weekly assignments and be prepared with questions, if you have any, in order to attend zoom calls. You must sign up through the sign up genius link I send out on Monday to be accepted into the zoom calls Tuesday/Wednesday.  
    - Tuesday: Zoom call for students who have questions 
    - Wednesday: Zoom call for students who have questions 
    - Thursday: Available upon request 
    - Friday: Available upon request & ALL weekly Assignments are DUE and should be submitted to turnitin.com
    Zoom call office hours Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 
    *** Remeber zoom calls are optional & you must sign up on Mondays through sign up genius in order to be accepted into the zoom calls. Please come prepared with questions. I will only be answering questions during these calls assuming you have read through all the weekly task items that need to be completed by the end of the week. 
    Tuesdays: Freshmen - 11:30AM - 12:30PM, Sophomores - 1PM-2PM 
    Wednesdays: Freshmen - 11:30AM - 12:30PM, Sophomores - 1PM-2PM