• Students meet with their appointed advisor

    on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    to discuss their graduation status,

    current acheivement in courses

    and scheduling concerns.

    Advisory Schedule

    1st Period 8:15am - 9:02am

    2nd Period 9:07am - 9:54am

    3rd Period 9:59am - 10:46am

    ADVISORY 10:46am - 11:02am

    4th Period 11:07am - 11:54am

    LUNCH 11:54am - 12:24pm

    5th Period 12:29pm - 1:16pm

    6th Period 1:21pm - 2:08pm

    7th Period 2:13pm - 3:00pm

    Click Here for a Graduation Worksheet

    Used During Advisory Classes