• Mrs. Tory Eliot


    As you know by now, Zoom is experiencing some technical difficulties. Our district is also encountering some problems with Clever. We will NOT have Zoom classes today; HOWEVER, you are responsible for completing the assigned work.

    I will be counting your attendance by checking the submission times on your Warm-Up and NoRedInk Diagnostic. Your submission times  must be during our normal class hours for you to reaceive credit as being "present" in class today.

    Look below for today's agenda and links:

    Agenda: 1. Warm Up, 2. No Red Ink Diagnostic, 3. Vocabulary Sentences

    1. Warm-Up #6 for 8/24 

    2. No Red Ink Diagnostic 
        - go to NoRedInk.com and login with the account we made last class
        - complete the "NoRedInk Diagnostic" on the homepage

    3. Vocabulary Sentences for List #1


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