What is TUPE?
    We are the Tobacco Use Prevention Education Pogram. Our goals are to educate students and families about the dangers of tobacco use and to make healthy choices regarding other drug and alcohol use. We provide this education mainly through our Peer Educators who are students on the Heritage campus who attend trainings and host events relating to anti-tobacco, drug and alchohol education.
    Heritage Peer Educators
    HHS TUPE Advisor - Anna Perales in A103 (ahlina@luhsd.net)
    No Tobacco  
     Want more information?
    Please visit the Contra Costa County TUPE Program website for a complete description of the TUPE program and additional resources related to tobacco use prevention. You may also email Mrs. Perales at ahlina@luhsd.net or stop by A103 on the Heritage H.S. campus.
    11/14 - A number you should know… 3,200. This is the number of people under 18 who smoke their first cigarette each day. Another number… 2,100. This is the approximate number of youth and young adults who become daily smokers.