Ms. Streeter
    Email Address: streeterj@luhsd.net
    To access Online/Distance learning instructions for US History:
    1. For online learning, please go to clever.com
    2. Click Login as Student in the top right corner
    3. Your username and password are BOTH your student ID number.
    4. To access your US History textbook and assignments,
    5. Click "Social Science" on the left-side Navigation bar. Then click the purple tile titled 'TCI' or TCI Logo
    6. Then locate the current weeks assignments under the 'Assignments' tab on the left-hand side of TCI
    7. Click on the assigned work which will have a drop down bar.
    8. Click the first introduction link.
    9. Read through the material, complete any questions/work.
    10. Then click "Next Section" and repeat the steps until you've done all the work including the summary/processing questions.
    11. Finally click on the "Lesson Game" on the Navigation Bar & complete that game for the lesson.
    12. You're done for the week!
    Online/Distance learning weekly assignments:

              -Each week you will be assigned a lesson to read, section notebook activities to complete, and the lesson game.

              -The weeks assigned work will open on TCI at 9am on Monday and remain open until 8am the following Monday.

              -(For example: Week 1 assignments will open at 9am on 4/6 and close at 8am on 4/13)