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    Mr. Meyer’s Guidelines and Expectations

    1. Students will be in their seat, ready to learn, when the bell rings. If the student is not ready they are tardy. 
    2. Students will turn in homework on time and fully completed. Failure to do so will result in points being docked. (Docked 2 points for lateness, 4 points for incompleteness.)
    3. Students will go to the restroom and take care of other personal matters before class. If an emergency arises, students will leave their cell phone and return quickly to class
    4. Students will power down cell phones and put all electronic devices away and out of sight during class unless otherwise informed. Phones seen or used will be sent to the office
    5. Students will refrain from chewing gum, eating, and drinking in class.
    6. Students will come to class prepared with all necessary materials.
      • These materials are a scientific calculator, pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners
    7. Students are responsible for maintaining a quiet, productive environment in which they and their classmates will be able to work to their fullest potential.
    8. Students will remain in their seats until excused regardless of when the bell rings.
    9. Students will take responsibility to make sure their parents/guardians are aware of their academic progress at all times.
    10. Students who are absent or tardy to class for any reason will be responsible for making up the work and copying down their missing notes.
    11. Students who are absent for an assessment are responsible for setting up a time to make up the assessment as soon as they get back.
    12. Cheating or copying of any kind is strictly forbidden. Students who are found cheating or copying on any assessment or assignment will immediately receive a 0 for that assessment or assignment and will not be allowed to retake that assessment or redo that assignment. Their parents will also be contacted. All standards where the student was caught cheating will not be allowed to be improved and will remain at a zero.