• AP English Daily Agenda

    July 30th, 2019

    1. Intro to Rhetoric

    2. Review summer homework w/ annotations

    3. Analyze speech using SOAPSTone


    • Read Rhetoric Definition packet + syllabus
    • Read Ch. 1-13 of TYFA
    • Flashcards w/ definition and example
    • Read and annotate “Too Dumb For Complex Texts” w/ question of fact, definition, quality, relevance with post-reading activity
    • Your chosen speech - SOAPSTone packet
    • Rhetorical Terms Quiz on August 7th

     August 1st, 2019

    1. 5 Canons of Rhetoric — AP Recommended Rhetorical Techniques

    2. Review Parallel Structure w/ practice worksheet

    3. Practice AP Multiple Choice Questions (#1-8) for ~11 min

    4. TED Talk: “How Pakistani Women..”: annotating transcript with says/does method + Purpose/Audience


    * Summer homework due on August 7th

    * Practice parallel structure packet + review notes

    * “Where is the Love?” - Rhetorical Situation + Rhetorical Choices annotations due August 5th

    August 5th, 2019

    1. “Where is the Love?” Group/Class Discussion

    2. Rhetorical Analysis Thesis Statement “Formula” + Practice w/ “Where is the Love?”

    3. Malala Yousafzai’s United Nation’s Speech: Rhetorical Situation, Annotations, SOAPSTone, Thesis statement


    1. Finish Malala Yousafzai rhetorical analysis - due on August 7th

    2. Summer HW due on August 7th

    3. Rhetorical Terms Quiz next time. Practice w/ quizlet: https://quizlet.com/404384810/ap-rhetorical-terms-flash-cards/?i=23c880&x=1jqY  

    August 7th, 2019 (PD Day)

    1. Review thesis statements for Malala reading 

    2. Turn in summer homework + Malala reading work

    3. Rhetorical Terms quiz 

    4. MC justifications #1-8


    1. Sojourner Truth Rhetorical Analysis

    2. Review rhetorical analysis essay prompt + annotate for understanding/questions/comments

    August 9th, 2019

    1. Sojourner Truth: Score your writing prompt using rubric (thesis point and evidence/commentary point w/ justification)

    2. Sophistication: How to score a point on sophistication? intro

    3. Banneker Prompt (2009) - Group annotation - focusing on rhetorical situation, rhetorical choices (noticing patterns), effect of these rhetorical choices on overall argument/message by the speaker, and ending with a practice thesis statement



    • Read Thomas Jefferson’s “The Declaration of Independence” ← it’s very short!
    • You do NOT need to annotate it.
    • You will write a thesis statement and one body paragraph on one rhetorical strategy he uses. See notes I shared in class on what to look for in the text.


    August 13th, 2019

    1. MC Quiz - 12 questions, worth 6 points, 16 minutes only

    2. AP Rhetorical Analysis Essay (40 minutes, 10 minute planning, 30 minute writing)

    3. Declaration of Independence - Evaluate w/ score for thesis and evidence/commentary before submitting to Khan


    1. "Mother Tongue" - Amy Tan - Discussion Questions. Annotate for YOUR OWN BENEFIT, but I will not collect/check these.

    2. Mini-Socratic Seminar on the following questions based on Tan's reading:

    What is the relationship between language, power, and community? <-- relate it to this unit's essential question!

    To what extent does someone’s facility with a language (or, in some contexts, bilingualism) confer power?

    August 15th, 2019

    1. "Mother Tongue" Socratic Discussion w/ essential question

    2. Banneker Prompt Student Samples - Evaluate and Grade based on AP 1-6 Rubric

    3. If time allows... MC Practice on Writing Skills


    1. Revision of Banneker essay for 1 point due on 19th

    2. “Mother Tongue” discussion questions for Socratic Seminar on 19th

    August 19th, 2019

    1. Khan’s College Essay Example - Embedded Quotes/Analysis - Citing what’s useful

    2. “Mother Tongue” AP MC Questions: #1-14 w/ corrections

    3. Mother Tongue SS on questions above - turn in dq’s after


    1.“Just Walk on By” DQs/annotate - due on August 23rd

    2. Annotate Khan’s College Essay Example - Embedded Quotes/Analysis

    3. Rhetorical Analysis essay next class - 50 points

    4. "If Black English.." James Baldwin Writing Prompt

    August 21st, 2019

    1. Turn in "If Black English..."

    2. Albright (2018) Essay


    1. "Just Walk on By" DQs due 23rd

    August 23rd, 2019

    1. Extra Credit Speech Performance

    2. Stereotype Mini-lecture/notes

    3. "The Dangers of a Single Story" - Adichie and Stereotype Threat

    4. "Mother Tongue," "Just Walk on By," and "If Black English..." connections + stereotype threat

    5. Albright (2018) Prompt Revision - Reverse Outline + Entire essay revision with SAM and SOAPS


    1. Albright (2018) Prompt Revision - 10 points - MANDATORY

    * You may type it or handwrite it. Email it to me or print it out.

    2. Albright (2018) - Read Student Samples - assign a score for thesis, evidence/commentary, sophistication. Read readers' rationale.

    August 27th, 2019

    1. Turn in Albright Revisions

    2. Civil Disobedience - Thoreau and Transcendentalism

    3. "Letter from Birmingham Jail" and "A Call for Unity" - Group Work

    4. Dolores Huerta - Video Biography Notes


    1. Finish today’s Work - due 29th

    2. Dolores Huerta - due Sept 3rd

    August 29th, 2019

    1. Letter from Birmingham Jail v. Call to Unity Discussion Prompt: Who delivers the better argument? How do you know? Socratic Seminar

    2. Dolores Huerta -  Group Rhetoric Effect Chart

    4. Thesis/Body Paragraph

       - Rhetorically Active Verbs

       - Follow SOAPS, SAM, and BP format


    1. Finish Huerta work if unfinished/turn in on 3rd

    2. September 5th: AP RA Essay #3 and 15 question MC.

    3. Unit 1-2 Progress Check on myap.collegeboard.org due by September 27th

    September 3rd, 2019

    1. Review thesis/body paragraphs for Dolores Huerta reading and evaluate

    2. Cesar Chavez (2015) Prompt: Break down prompt, SOAPS, Rhetorical Effect Chart


     1. Prepare for RA Essay prompt

    September 5th, 2019

    1. 15 question AP MC Quiz

    2. Chavez (2015) Essay

    You may use the following for this essay...

    • Annotated Chavez text with rhetoric chart, SOAPS, and thesis
    • Rhetorically Active Verbs Chart
    • Tone Words
    • Thoreau/Civil Disobedience Notes
    • Transition words/Phrases
    • Rhetoric Flashcards/Notes
    • SAM and SOAPS handout with notes on topic sentence/commentary/evidence

    No Rewrites!!!!


    1. Read and annotate Chapter 14: "Spot Fallacies"

    2. Read examples of additional fallacies

    3. Read excerpt from Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species" w/ practice MC

    September 9th

    1. Unit 1-2 MC/FRQ

    2. Listen/Interpret IAB


    1. The Great Gatsby Work - due October 15th

    2. Finish Unit 1-2 MC/FRQ

    September 11th

    1. AP MC Style Quiz + Grade

    2. Abigail Adams (2014) RA Essay


    1. Annotate Coca-Cola (1998) Prompt using close-reading annotation guide and focusing on LOGICAL FALLACIES

    September 13th

    1. Group Work: Coca-Cola (1998) Prompt

    2. Satire and Parody Notes w/ examples

    3. Mark Twain's "The Lowest Animal"


    1. Finish annotating "The Lowest Animal" using close-reading annotation guide

    September 17th

    1. "The Lowest Animal" Discussion and Writing

    2. Satire/Parody Commercial Activity

    3. Wilson (2009) and The Onion (2005) Satire Group Work


    1. "Advice to Youth" by Mark Twain Work

    September 19th

    1. Rhetorical Analysis Essay Midterm - 2003B or 2006 Prompt

    2. Turnitin.com Registration

    3. Political Cartoon/Analysis


    1. Political Cartoon Writing Prompt

    September 23rd

    1. AP MC Test

    2. "A Modest Proposal" Historical Context and First Read


    1. Annotate "A Modest Proposal" using close-reading annotation guide

    September 25th

    1. "A Modest Proposal" Second Read - Classical Argumentation

    2. Annotate, pair work, rhetorical precis


    1. Rhetorical Precis due on Turnitin.com by 11:59pm on September 27th

    September 27th

    1. Rhetorical Precis due on Turnitin.com - work in class

    Period 6:

    Class ID: 21828602

    Enrollment Key: khan6

    Period 7:

    Class ID: 21828605

    Enrollment Key: khan7

    2. Unit 1-2 MC Progress Checks

    3. The Great Gatsby work

    Homework over break:

    1. Read The Great Gatsby and annotate selected passages using rubric + suggestions

    2. In-class essay on The Great Gatsby upon return

     October 15th, 2019

    1. Turn in The Great Gatsby annotations

    2. The Great Gatsby Argumentative Essay


    1. Make note of similarities/differences in Rhetorical Analysis and Argumentative Essay rubrics

    2. "What is the role of money in our everyday lives?" argumentative essay practice + self-eval

     October 17th, 2019

    1. Turn in The Great Gatsby books

    2. Argumentative vs. Rhetorical Analysis Rubric Similarities/Differences

    3. Thesis Statement: Line of reasoning vs. lacking a line of reasoning

    4. Modes/Patterns of Development Revisit - Argument Structure

    5. Lego Activity: Clarity/Precision in Writing/Delivery


    1. “On Dumpster Diving”:


    • Make note of the different modes/patterns of development in the margins AND explain how they are used to achieve author’s purpose for EACH ONE
    • Answer text-dependent questions in detail on a separate sheet of binder paper and ATTACH

     October 21st, 2019

    1. "On Dumpster Diving" Grid Analysis

    2. Active v. Passive Voice/Elimating "to be" verbs

    3. MC Practice w/ partner justification


    1. "Escaping Poverty..." reading assignment

    October 23rd, 2019

    1. "Escaping Poverty" thesis/claims/purpose/flaws in reasoning Socratic

    2. MC Practice with partner justification

    3. Peter Singer's Solution to World Poverty - group task


    1. Submit Singer's Solution HW on Turnitin

    October 25th, 2019

    1. MC quiz (2018) passage #1

    2. Peter Singer's Solution to World Poverty - 2003 Prompt Group Outline

    3. Rogerian Model of Argument vs. Classical Model of Argument

    4. GOPHERS - Argument Acronym for evidence

    5. Charitable Acts - Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation


    1. Ted Talk w/ SOAPSTone on "How We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong"

    October 29th, 2019

    1. SOAPSTone review and discussion on argument/tone/claims

    2. Singer Solution (2003) Argument Essay - 40 minutes, timed

    3. Grading Charity - Annotate + Grid Analysis


    1. "Grading Charity" Article Annotations + Grid Analysis

    October 31st, 2019

    1. Student Sample Analysis/Justification/Group Score

    2. Rogerian Method of Argument

    3. Charitable Acts Prompt: Group Outline



    • Evaluate your Singer Solution Essay in packet
    • Finish your outline for Charitable Acts prompt
    • Singer Solution Revision w/ explanation on Turnitin.com by Sunday, 11:59pm


    November 4th, 2019

    1. MC Passage Quiz and grade

    2. Review Charitable Acts Prompt and Thesis/Topic sentences

    3. Timed write: Charitable Acts



    • Read the Introduction of The New Jim Crow
    • Annotate
    • Complete Chart (see page 13 of the reading)
    • Be prepared for discussion next class!


    November 6th, 2019

    1. Student Samples of Charitable Acts - suggested

    2. Speed Dating: New Jim Crow

    3. Class Debrief/Discussion on race/poverty argument

    4. Social Mobility Argument Essay - Rough draft due on 11/15. Final draft 11/21. 

    5. Consumerism Discussion and video



    • “In Buying We Trust” article due on Friday the 8th


    Social Mobility rough draft (typed and printed) due on Friday the 15th for peer-editing/revision

    November 8th, 2019

    1. Swapmeet - In Buying We Trust Thesis Statements and share-outs

    2. Pro-Anti Consumerism Sources and Evaluation

    3. Plan Social Mobility Essay in groups

    4. Minimalism Ted Talk 


    • Social Mobility Essay Rough Draft due on 11/15
    • “When the Gospel of Minimalism Collides with Daily Life” article due on 11/13


    Quarter 2 MC test on 12/2. If you know you will be absent, arrange a time with me to take it. You may use annotations on the test.


    November 13th, 2019

    1. MC Passage Quiz and grade

    2. "When the Gospel of Minimalism" Silent Swapmeet - student feedback and suggestions on thesis

    3. "Buy Nothing Day" argument - news source

    4. Preview Buy Nothing Day Prompt/Group Outlining on Posters



    • Social Mobility Essay Rough Draft - typed, double-spaced, printed out. Please do not email me to print it out for you. DUE FRIDAY.
    • Read “Buy Nothing Day” Pros/Cons articles.


    November 15th, 2019

    1. "Buy Nothing Day" In-class Essay

    2.  Social Mobility Peer-Edit


    1. Bring The Great Gatsby to turn in (sorry for the delay)

    2. Bring in Student IDs to pick up next novel

    3. Social Mobility Essay due on November 21st, Turnitin.com

    4. “Luxury Shopping” article annotations due on November 19th 

     November 19th, 2019

     1. Animal Farm: Historical Context and HW (due on January 10th)

    2. Partner Argumentative Presentation (due on December 19th)

    3. "Luxury Shopping" Writing Prompt and Peer-editing


    1. Social Mobility Essay due on November 21st, Turnitin.com

    2. SOAPSTone (10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation)

    November 21st, 2019

    1. Pick up Animal Farm/drop off The Great Gatsby

    2. AP Argumentative Essay - 40 minutes

    3. Partner Presentation work time


    1. Annotations/Writing Prompt: “Capitalism is Good for the Poor” due on December 2nd

     2. MC Passage Annotations (may use on MC test on December 2nd). 18 MC questions, 36 points. Not curved. 45 minutes.

    December 2nd, 2019

    1. Turn in "Capitalism is Good for the Poor"

    2. Nonfiction IAB 

    3. Work on presentations

    December 4th, 2019

    1. Unit 3 Progress Check MC 

    2. Work on projects


    1. Celebrity Activism Readings due on 12/16

    2. Modern Controversial Issues due on 12/10

    3. PowerPoint Presentation on 12/19