• Welcome to Mr. Delianides' homepage at Freedom High School.  In this website I will post materials, assignments, handouts, and any other relevant material for students to access electronically, whether at school, or after hours and on weekends.
    Currently in Theatre class we are working on finishing the first performance of the scenes we have been working on since the beginning of the second quarter.  Students will then have a brief rehearsal time to prepare for the second performance, which should be  the week of November 16- December 4th.  Their performance review is due the first week of December as well.
    Theatre students- be prepared for your second performance of your scene- starting the week of November 12th, (Thursday). 
      The Theatre performance review is due on Dec 3rd/4th
     New 11/4/15-   The warm up questions test will be December 10/11 for both Speech and Theatre classes.  The questions and answers will be posted when the last question is finished, several days before the test.  Please keep up with the questions and answers in your own notes. 
    Syllabus- Speech and Debate                                                                          
    In Speech and Debate class, students are finishing the Voice of Democracy, Vision for America speech this week.  We are slated to begin our next speech project the week of November 16th, which will be due the first week back from Thanksgiving break.  All scripts are due on the due date, and all students should expect to be ready to present their speeches on the due date.   Their Advertisement review will be due the first week of December as well.
    The Speech TV Commercial review- Watch a TV commercial  and write a review of it is due on Dec. 1st/2nd
    The TV commercial speech is due on Dec. 1st/2nd 
    Warm up test questions: