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    Name: Matthew Caniglia
    Classroom Number: 
    Email Address: canigliam@luhsd.net
     Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well and safe.  Listed below you will find the weekly assignments for students.  In addition you will also find a link to my person teacher website (canigliaeconomics.com).  In addition to weekly assignments that website will also contain videos that students can watch to help them prepare for the AP Econ exam.  There is also a page on that website for AP Seminar.  It will have all rubrics and additional helpful tips for students to use when writing their final paper.  All assignments are due at Midnight on Sundays. 
    I will hold office hours twice a week via zoom.  They are Tuesday's and Thursdays from 2-3 PM.  These are optional and it is a time when students can check in and ask questions.
    AP Econ:  I will also host a weekly Lecture on Wednesday's from 2-3.  The lecture is optional and students are not required to show up.  It is a time when I can go over the material and answer any of their questions.  I am also working with Mr. Beyer and the AP Econ teacher at Freedom to host weekly FRQ review sessions on Fridays.  Again from 2-3.  This is also optional.  We will go over all of the weekly FRQ's and answer any questions that the students have.  The meeting ID's and Passwords are located below. 
    If at any time you need me to contact your students I am happy to do so.  Just email the best way to contact them and I will contact them.  I am available from 9 AM to 9 PM.
    If you have any questions please let me know.
    Assignment for the Week
    April 20th
    AP Seminar
    For the month of May you will have one project to complete.  To complete the project follow the steps below.
    1. Go to the following link. AP Seminar
    2. Click on the tab labeled "What I want to do after College"
    3. After clicking on the tab a new window will pop open asking you to "Make a Copy".  Do that.
    4. The directions to complete the assignment are on the document.  Make sure to read all directions.
    Once complete, return the document to mr.matt.caniglia@gmail.com
    AP Macroeconomics
    We are no longer covering any new information.  We will continue to post weekly FRQ's but will no longer have interactive power points.  In addition we will not do the Wednesday lecture, because we are not covering any new information. 
    For the weekly FRQ's.  Download and answer.  If you can't print them just write the answers on a seperate sheet of paper.  When finished use the answers to correct.  When all done with both (answering and correcting) submit your answers with corrections to the same email listed above.  You can scan, screen shot, take a picture, etc.  I don't care how you do it, I just need evidence emailed to me that you answered and corrected them.
    If for some reason you cannnot access any of the work that I have posted, email me so we can touch base and create a personalized learning plan to meet your needs.
    May 11th:  No assignments other than reviewing for the Exam.  I will hold a review session on Wednesday at 1PM.  I will cover and go over anything you want me to go over.  The meeting info is below.
    Meeting ID: 889 7500 2499
    Password: 6dczgL