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    Mrs. Laura Prowell
    Classroom Number:    P-11
    Email Address:    prowelll@luhsd.net
    Please note that the dates assigned and due dates listed on this website are for students who are in my class on  
    A schedule days (Periods 1, 2, and 4). 
    Assignments will be assigned and due the following school day for students who are in my class on
    B schedule days (Periods 5, 6, and 8).
    Geo Study Guide Solutions - I apologize for any errors I made while writing out the solutions. A couple have been caught for me already! 
       Number 3 - I did the math correctly but did not find the correct probabilities listed.
       Number  12 b - I wrote 14 +10 = 14 instead of 24 
       Number 19 says "Mistake..." but here isn't one 
       Number 24 just has the answer x=0, which means the side lengths are 15. 
    If you catch any mistakes on here that are not listed above and email me, I owe you Smarties! 
    Click here for a link to information that was shared during math parent night.
     Geometry Links:
    Constructions: This is the website to watch online demonstrations for constructions, as we did in class. Scroll to the bottom for the different constructions.
    Desmos: A nice, easy to use, online graphing calculator
    Physics Links: 
    Hewitt Drew It: Videos, that can be played on you tube, that it explain concepts that we have learned about in class very clearly and conceptually. Sort of like Khan Academy Videos, these screencasts go very slowly and are quite thorough. They don't go in the same order as our curriculum, but I highly recommend them!