Below is the information regarding athletic eligibility and dates of determination. 
    Fall Sports 2020-2021: First Day of Tryouts December 7, 2020
    Cross Country
    Girls Volleyball
    Boys Volleyball
    Girls Water Polo
    Boys Water Polo
    Date of Determination: 
    Quarter 1: Monday October 26, 2020
    Semester 1: Thursday January 7, 2021
    Quarter 1 grades will determine eligibility for Fall Sports Tryouts December 7, 2020.  I am currently reviewing quarter 1 grade reports and sending the list of ineligible students to coaches as well as updating their status in Home Campus. If a student is currently ineligible, they may continue to work out with their fall sport.  They may NOT participate in any games including scrimmages or be issued a uniform. 
    Quarter 2 progress reports will NOT determine eligibility.  The Semester 1 grades will be the next eligibility check.  Athletes who become eligible at the semester will be able to play games as of January 7, 2021.  Students who become ineligible at the Semester will no longer be able to play as of January 7, 2021.  Any games played with academically ineligible students will be forfeited along with further CIF NCS sanctions. 


    In order to tryout and participate in athletics, students must earn a 2.0 “C” grade point average on a 4.0 scale in all enrolled classes AND be on track for graduation. Students must be enrolled in and pass a minimum of 20 semester credits (4 classes). To be eligible for tryouts, students must maintain a 2.0 during the current tryout quarter and the quarter immediately previous (i.e.: two consecutive quarters). In addition, a student must be fully academically eligible in grading period prior to the probationary period in order to participate. See the Athletic Director in advance for specific information about making up grades during summer school. Academic eligibility resets on the date of determination set by the district. Incoming freshman must maintain a in their last semester at middle school to be eligible. Ask your athletic director for list of these dates. The NCS does not recognize grade changes after the date of determination. If an error is discovered, there is an appeal process to NCS. If the student meets all necessary prerequisites for probation, one academic probation period may be authorized once in an academic school year in high school by the Superintendent or designee for students to participate in athletics whose GPA is between 1.75 and 1.99.

    Spring Sports 2021: Tryouts next to sport 
    Semester 1 grades will determine tryout eligibility
    Boys Basketball March 15
    Girls Basketball March 15
    Boys Soccer February 15
    Girls Soccer February 15
    Baseball March 15
    Softball March 15
    STUNT cheer March 15
    Boys Tennis March 8
    Girls Tennis March 8
    Boys Golf March 15
    Girls Golf March 15
    Swim March 8
    Dive March 8
    Track March 15
    Wrestling March 8th
    Dates of Determination: 
    Quarter 3 Monday April 5, 2021
    Semester 2 June 14, 2021
    Fall Sports Workouts have began.  Please visit individual sports home pages for more information and dates and times of workouts.  We will be following strict saftey protocols.  Please see the camp form below for a detail description of all protocols.  Camp waivers and athletic registration are requied for participation in workouts at this time.  Registration information and form can be found below. 
    Fall sports registration is open at this time. Athletic Clearance has all of the online forms for registration.  For directions on registration visit the athletic forms tab. You will also find the medical release form that may be brought to your physical appointment at the bottom of this page.
    You may register, however LUHSD is not guaranteeing a fall season will take place.  It is our hope we will have fall sports but have not recieved directive from our state and local governments regarding the fall season.  It is our number one priority that our students are safe and we will be following all local and state health guidlines. We will update our site with information as we recieve it. Fall tryouts are tentativly set for December 7, 2020. 
    All those participating in tryouts must have completed medical release forms with a signature by a physician or chiropractor dated after June 1, 2020.  If you are unable to get into your regular doctor at this time, Miller Chiropractic is seeing Freedom students on a walk in basis for physicals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 10 am to 1 pm $20 fee
    Miller Chiropractic
    3638 Delta Fair Blvd
    Antioch, Ca 94509
    As always, if you need to contact the Athletic Department, email me at  Thanks again for your enthusiasm, time, and support and Go Falcons!
    Freedom High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.