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    Welcome Historians! Are you ready to make hisotry this year? 

    Welcome to Advanced Placement World History: Modern! While this school year is extremely different, it offers new educational opportunities. I am excited to learn new lessons, implement more technology, and share our experiences under these unique circumstances. If questions or concerns arise at any point, please feel free to contact me. I would like to ensure that each student is granted the tools, access, and opportunities to succeed in this course. 

    What will this course cover? 

    AP World History: Modern is an introductory college-level history course. In this class, we will develop an understanding of the patterns and developments of modern world history from 1200 CE to present. Students will be asked to read and analyze historical sources, make connections through discussion, write historical arguments as they explore historic developments and concepts.

    Why should I take AP World History?

    AP World History is a rigorous, challenging, and time consuming course. This course provides students with the opportunity to work with college level texts and assignments. The course is also designed to prepare students to complete the AP Exam. Students who pass the AP Exam could potentially earn college credits. This experience could further prepare students for other Advanced Placement courses and the SAT and ACT college placement exams

     Where do I located the assignments? 

    All assignments will be posted on Canvas. If you miss class, please check for the assignments on Canvas.  

    When is the AP Exam? 

    At this moment the date for the AP World Histoy Exam is May 12, 2022. I will let you know of any exam changes. 

    About the AP Exam

    One of the great benefits of taking an AP class is that students will have the opportunity to earn college credits if they pass the AP Test at the end of the course.

     However, simply being enrolled in an AP class is not enough. In order to register to take the AP Test, students must:


    1.  Register for each AP course on at myap.collegeboard.org. Students should have received their join codes from each AP teacher.


    2.  If you think you may qualify for a discounted test, please submit a request for a Fee Reduction. You will be contacted directly by phone or email if you qualify. 


    To review the course syllabus, click here.