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    Students, Please EMAIL HOURS: 2-3:00 PM MONDAY-FRIDAY
     If you are looking for or interested in taking an elective course, you've come to the right place.
    I currwently teach the following: African American Studies, Sociology, & AP US History.
    Reasons to take African American Studies
    The value of pursuing African American Studies is gaining knowledge and an understanding of the
    past and present situation of African-descended people in the United States.
    This discipline prepares students to critically examine, explore, and analyze
    the unique experiences of African-descended people.
     Reasons to take Sociology: Humans tend to be very set in their way.
    They don't like to be questioned and made to feel shame, but that is the hard part. The first step. maintain an open mind.
    The second step is listening and communication. Which, guess what, sociology teaches you how to do.
    Reasons to take AP US History: Although it's not an elective, AP provides a more indepth concentration in American History.
    This core course provides you with the knowledge, content, and "opportunity" to obtain college credit.
    There is never a dull moment in this course!
    Club officers: TBD after our next meeting and will be selecting a new cabinet
    Dates and times for meeting: Monday(s) 2-3 pm with exceptions (Scheduled meeting for 11/16/20)
    Purpose of your club:

    The purpose of this organization shall be to promote awareness about social issues facing African Americans as well as to educate the Heritage High School student body about African American culture, history, and contributions.  BSU will plan cultural performances, host guest speakers, and organize other events which further the goals and purpose of the club.