Notice to AP Students:

    Due to the changes in the grade policy for Quarter 4, please refer to that if you have any questions regarding your grade. Due to the change to distance learning, most assignments are nowhere near equitable compared to assessments, in class lectures, and writing assignmentsIf you have a question regarding your final grade, prior to contacting me, please make sure you do a self-evaluation regarding the effort you put in over the last 8 weeks. No grade will be "given", "rounded up", or exceptions made for assignments from previous quarters. Some students have elected to demonstrate little to no effort, while others have continued to do the best that they can despite dealing with hardship.  All grades are earned. Please remember that if you receive a passing score on your AP exam, you can "REQUEST" a grade change for spring semester only. There are several factors that will be taken into consideration regarding all grade change request due to AP Exam scores. You will have to request this prior to the end of the 2nd Quarter (December) of your senior year. Your request also requires that you seek out the paperwork (from your counselor) and proper signatures, as that is something students will need to obtain. Please remember that your lack of planning is not my or anyone else's emergency. Please stay on top of this once AP scores are released and the new school year begins. If this is something you will pursue, please don't wait until after the cut off time. I cannot override board policy.