United States History Syllabus

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                If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at:

    e-mail: reinders@luhsd.net


    Classroom Expectations:

                In every environment there is a certain required behavior, the classroom is no different. Mr. Reinders does not have rules in class, but expectations, or ways in which to act as young adults. Mr. Reinders expectations are as follows:


    Respect: Treat others how you want to be treated.

    • Classmates
    • Teachers
    • Materials

    Speaking: Speak at appropriate times, with appropriate language.

    • Positive speaking will only be allowed.
    • Raise your hand and wait patiently to be called on.
    • Allow others to speak without interruption.
    • If there is nothing nice to say, do not say anything.
    • Talking to hear yourself talk is not acceptable.

    Remain Seated: Positive production happens at your own seat.

    • Unless instructed by the teacher.

    Preparation: Commitment to Excellence requires a full “tool belt.” Bring the following materials to class EVERYDAY:

    • Text book – Americans
    • 3 Ring Binder Syllabus
    • 100 Page Composition Book
    • USB Flash Drive
    • Writing Utensil
    • Black or Blue Pen or Pencil
    • Calendar
    • Assignments
    • Study Materials 3X5 Cards
    • Research Materials



    “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” (Newton). Not only in physics, this law applies to behavior. In Mr. Reinders’ classroom there are consequences for not following the Classroom Expectations. Mr. Reinders consequences are as follows:

    First Offense: Warning – Verbal or Nonverbal

    Second Offense: Warning

    Third Offense: Stand on my Yellow Footprints! Contact Parents.

    Fourth Offense: Referral to Assistant Principal, Contact Parents.



    Every student is given a calendar for the entire school year. The calendar indicates all events for the class; Assignments, Tests, Projects, etc. for the entire school year. There are specific indicators as to the types of information on each day of the calendar…

                Italicized: Homework Assignments Due

                Bold & Underlined: Unit Test or Quarter Assessment

                Bold: Team Presentation (Total of Four Presentations for the year)

                Italicized & Underlined: Unit Project (“UP”)

                Bold & Italicized: Amazing Race (Four Legs per Quarter)

                Bold, Italicized, & Underlined: Time Traveler’s Journal (TTJ)

    Students are encouraged to have their calendar with them at all times, for it provides them the majority of information for each class day’s events. This is designed to provide no surprises for the students, as well as an opportunity to focus on time management.



    Being in class everyday is vital to a student’s success in the classroom. Each student is accountable to their team and themselves to complete the required tasks each day in class. Missing class will put the student behind in both class and team work. It is the responsibility of the student to contact Mr. Reinders to pick up any work from the day(s) missed (e-mail works best).



    Homework is given on a regular basis. Homework comes in three forms: Chapter Assessments, Studying, and Research for projects. A calendar is given to each student upon entry into Mr. Reinders’ class, which indicates EVERY homework assignment, Team Project, and Test. There will be in-class assignments given that are not on the calendar.

    þ  Chapter Assessments: At the end of each chapter are a group of questions. Students are to answer the following sections from the Chapter Assessment:

         Terms and Names: Important to follow directions. (This is not a Glossary definition!)

         Main Ideas: Please answer each question completely.

         Critical Thinking #: Only answer the one selected “Ct” question.

         Standardized Test Practice: Answer the multiple choice questions on the next page.

    þ  Amazing Race: Students will research and travel around the United States, discovering new places and cultures. The students will receive a form for each leg of the race that gives tasks to complete. Students will attach their Amazing Race Forms to their TTJ.

    þ  “UP” (Unit Projects): Students will pair up with another student to create a specific project from each Unit. Students will choose a partner for each “UP”.

    þ  Time Traveler’s Journal (TTJ): Students will use a 100 page Composition Book to travel through their text book and experience life during that particular time. Students will have specific tasks to complete for each Chapter.

    þ  Tests, Quizzes, Quarter Assessments: It is vital to study/review everyday for Tests, Quizzes, or Quarter Assessments.

         o   At the start each Unit, the students will receive a detailed Study Guide. Study 20 minutes a day, every day from when they get the study guide until the day they take the Unit Test.

         o   Quarter Assessment: Use Study Guides, Homework, and Daily Activities to help study for District Assessments. No specific Study Guide will be given.

         o   It is important to NOT discard any Unit Study Guides until the end of each semester.

    þ  Research: Each student is the member of a Team that is responsible for four research projects throughout the year, based on the California State United States History Standards.

         o   Each student team will do research, create a Power Point Presentation, and give a   5-7 minute presentation on the information.

         o   Students must save their presentations on a USB Flash Drive

         o   Team Projects will ONLY be presented on the date due.


    Make Up Work:

    There is absolutely no late work or redo work accepted, without exception! If a student has an excused absence, he/she must turn in the assignment, at the start of class, upon their return. This is because all assignments are given at the start of each Unit; therefore students already know what needs to be done the days they are out sick. If an absence is not excused, the student will not be allowed to make up the assignment. If a student is absent on the due date of a project, the project MUST BE delivered to school on the due date, no exceptions. If a student is suspended, FOR ANY REASON, he/she will not be allowed to make up any assignments given during his/her suspension, no exceptions! He/she will receive a zero on any assignment given during the suspension that includes tests!



    Each day, students have the opportunity to earn 5 participation points. When the student arrives to class, with all the appropriate materials, they have an opportunity to earn the full 5 points. If the student is late, or needs to leave the class, they will lose the 5 points. Additional points can be added to the daily participation by answering study review questions, participating in another team’s presentation (if needed), and going above and beyond helping a student that is struggling.


    Filler Presentation:

    In the 2nd and 4th Quarter, students will have the opportunity to sign up for one of sixteen “Filler Presentations.” Students will choose a Medal of Honor recipient (2nd Quarter – before WWI, 4th Quarter – After WWI). The student will create a Biography Power Point Presentation that will be given on the selected date. The presentation must be 3 to 5 minutes long. An outline will be given at sign up. The assignment is worth 50 participation points that will be added at the end of the semester.


    Electronic Devices:

    È  Cell Phones: There will be times in class when students are going to be allowed to use their cell phones, but ONLY times instructed by the teacher. If Cell phones are used during class, when the teacher does not instruct the students, or for personal use, the following consequences will ensue:


    • 1st Time – An ENTIRE CLASS warning
    • 2nd Time – Take the phone until the end of the period
    • 3rd Time(the next student to take out their phone) – Mr. Reinders will use the student’s phone to call their parents to pick the phone up the next school day between 7:30am and 8:00am


    ²  Listening Devices: Students MAY NOT have listening devices in use during class time. It is suggested that students leave these items at home. If a student has their listening device out in class, Mr. Reinders will take it until the end of the class period.


    Lanyards / Student ID:

    Students are required to have their Student IDs visible, while on campus. Students will be required to show their Student ID during attendance every day. Students that do not have their Student ID visible will be sent to the office to pick a replacement. Students will lose participation points for not having their Student ID.



    Mr. Reinders grades on a basic point system. Each homework assignment’s score is based on the number of questions on the assignment. Unit Tests questions will be worth two points each. Team presentations will be worth 100 points (75% Individual/25% Team).

                            100% - 90%                  A

                            89% -   80%                 B

                            79% -   70%                 C

                            69% -  67%                D

                            66%-    Below               F


    It is vital for the student to keep this Syllabus and Calendar with them in class every day.