Education Careers Research

    PART 1

    Complete an informational interview with one professional currently working in the field of education. Use the handout to ask questions. This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. Interview Worksheet


    After you have completed the informational interview, write a TYPED paper in MLA format:


    P#1 Introductory paragraph about the educator. Include the name, school, grade level, and number of years of service, as well as their connection to you (teacher, family member, friend, mentor, or stranger).


    P#2 Body paragraph summarizing information learned from the interview. No quotes! SUMMARIZE what you learned.


    P#3 Concluding paragraph with your personal analysis or reflection about the career and the person you interviewed, what you learned and how it impacted you.


    MLA Bibliographic Citation is REQUIRED for the personal conversation. If you interviewed me, your citation would look something like this:

    Cailotto, Karen. Personal Conversation. 21 Jan, 2019.




    PART 2

    Education Careers Group Presentation

    Career Outlook Research Presentation (Powerpoint, Video, or Powtoon)

    Purpose: To research an education career and improve presentation skills. This project is required as part of our articulation agreement with Los Medanos College. As a group, you must create a recruitment Powerpoint or Google Slides show. Your 'audience' is prospective education professionals. 

    Directions: Utilize the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/oco/home.htm, to find the following information about the career you’ve chosen. Please make at least one slide for each and include a bibliography slide (7 slides, minimum):

    Slide #1. Title of career: which education career did you research and why? Note, if you choose a non-education career (like plumber, astronaut, computer programmer, nurse, etc.), you will earn ZERO points. See list below for suggestions.

    Slide #2. Nature of the work & work environment: what work do these professionals perform and what is the work environment like?

    Slide #3. Education, training and qualifications: what preparation or training is required for this profession?

    Slide #4. Employment & outlook: how is one employed in this career and how many job openings will there be for this profession in the next few years?

    Slide #5. Earnings: how much does this profession earn (pay)? Also required: how much do professional educators in our LOCAL schools earn: 

    Brentwood Union School District Salary Links 

    Liberty Union High School District Salary Links 

    CC Community College Salary Schedule

    Slide #6. Recruitment: Why should they join the field of education? Provide the 'ethos,' 'pathos,' 'logos' to convince your audience to consider the career area.

    Slide #7 Bibliography: Each group is required to provide the full MLA citation for the bls.gov website and any other resources used. Groups that only provide URL link(s) will not earn higher than C-. Citing sources is a HIGH SCHOOL standard. Pasting the URL link(s) is grade level appropriate in elementary school or middle school.


     List of Education Careers:

    Preschool Teacher

    Elementary School Teacher

    Middle School Teacher

    High School Teacher

    Career and Technical Education Teacher

    Special Education Teacher

    Adult Literacy and High School Equivilancy Teacher

    Assistant Teacher (para educator, aide)

    College Professor

    Education Administrator (School principal admin)

    Post-Secondary Administrator (College/University admin)

    SCHOOL Guidance Counselor

    SCHOOL Psychologist

    SCHOOL Speech/Language Pathologist

    SCHOOL Librarian, etc.

    Important: Groups may NOT research and present non-education careers. Be very careful. No credit will be awarded to groups who research private practice or mental health counselor/psychologist/therapist, medical speech pathologist, public librarian, etc.