• TLC Core Personal Narrative about Teaching/Learning

    Personal Narrative Presentation


    Cailotto, LHS



    To articulate knowledge about our experiences and ourselves: To support a point of view about education, schools, teaching and/or learning.



    Good narratives contain the following FIVE parts or stages.

    • Place/setting
    • Characters
    • Complication, problem, or tension
    • Resolutions
    • Moral, theme, or lasting message

    The personal narrative for TLC CORE is story from your own experience as a learner or teacher.  The presentation is not a timeline or biography, but a ‘snapshot’ of an experience as a learner or teacher (formal or informal). 


    A good narrative engages the listener by describing an experience in detail with the intention of communicating an underlying message, lesson, or theme. 


    Personal narratives add to the ‘body of knowledge’ in that they provide “spaces for people to theorize publicly for themselves, and to connect lived experience with truths that emerge from analysis of that experience” (Sleeter, 2003).



    •  Narrative story must be presented in class (read/presented aloud, power point presentation, or memorized).
    • All parts of a good narrative must be in the presentation (see above).
    • One visual aid or artifact must accompany your presentation (picture, video, art work, craft, costume, mock-report card, etc.).
    • You must submit a 'discussion' post to the personal narrative topic in turnitin.com, articulating the lasting message or moral of your story, AND submit a reply to one or more of more your classmates (replies must be positive, encouraging...no debasing allowed).