TLC & ED CAREERS CORE: Unity Diamond

    Q1 Unity Diamond Project:  Create your personal unity diamond mini-poster with the following points on paper OR as a slide that you will share in class.

    In the middle of your unity diamond mini-poster...

    YOUR NAME & PHOTO:  A photo is required and your project is incomplete without a photo and your name.


    On each point of the diamond, in no particular order...

    GOALS = TYPED list, 2 goals for THIS school year and 3 goals for your future.

    INTERESTS or HOBBIES = TYPED list, 3 interests or hobbies (must be school apppriate).

    CULTURAL HERITAGE = Print or draw a symbol or graphic to signify your ethnicity or culture. Please take care to select a positive and school appropriate symbol of cultural heritage. Absolutely NO alcohol, drug, violent cultural images. A flag an appropriate cultural image.

    SOMEONE you ADMIRE = TYPE the name of someone you look up to as an example and list or describe the reasons why this person inspires you. The person you admire can be someone you know, or a historical figure, celebrity, author, performer, etc.