• Seniors!!!!

    My Thank you Video link


    Congratulations to all of you for making it to the end of the year.

    Here are the pathway completer that will be receiving a certificate this year.

    Alyssa Forwood, Jordan Glenn, Marquez Goward, Jacob Grissom, Dakota Kraft, Nico Lucca, Miguel Martinez, Tanner Mayhood, Alexis Narez, Joseph Park, Michael Siemer, Wyatt Thomas, Manuel Tinoco, Ashley Valle,

    There are also some of you that have been in Auto for 4 years!!! You will get a pathway certificate and a second special certificate. Here are your names.

    Andrew Ball, Emiliano Calderon, Luis Cruz Adame, Tyler Gomez, Essence Hoffman, Bradley Houghtelling, Niles Moy, Kyle Munns, Cody Muth, Michael Nienaber, Seth Spencer, Bradley Spoulos,


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  • If you would like to be part of the Auto Club Next school year Please READ!!!

    We will be having a meeting This Thursday at 3pm  Please email me and I will send you the date and info.

    ZOOM Meeting link

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments


    Course title:           R.O.P. ADVANCED AUTO

    Department:                             Industrial Technology

    Length of Course:           Year

    Grade Level(s):               11th-12th

    Instructor:                      Jon Dorr

    Office:                            Room: K 5                                         

                                                    Telephone: 634-3521  ext. 5404        


    Text book:                      Provided in class



    Course description:


    Students will explore the field of Transportation and Energy Technology.

    They will develop a knowledge and understanding of the principles upon which an automobile operates.  They will understand how specific tools and equipment are used to perform maintenance and repair operations.

    At this level students will improve skills by actual practice in servicing and repairing automobiles, gaining experience in a wide variety of different makes of automobiles, using hand tools and modern analyzing equipment of the trade.





    Standard 1: SAFETY

    Students will understand safety in the transportation industry that includes mechanical and toxic hazards.  They will operate and use equipment in the shop safely and efficiently, develop an awareness of environmental hazards, and discuss ways of dealing with health and safety concerns.



    Students will understand how specific tools and equipment are used to perform maintenance and repair operations.  They will select and use the correct tool or equipment required to perform diagnostic and repair procedures in the shop.


    Standard 3: APPLICATION OF PRINCIPLES       

    Students will understand physical, chemical, environmental, mechanical, and electrical principles used in transportation.  They will use basic mechanical principles to analyze and explain the function possibilities and design of vehicle and energy systems.



                Students will understand the operating principles of internal and external    combustion engines. They will diagnose and analyze internal and  external combustion engine performance.



    Students will understand the basic principles of hydraulic and pneumatic power.  They will explain applications of both hydraulic and pneumatic power to generate electricity, mechanical movement and force  multiplication.


    Standard 6: POWER AND ENERGY

                Students will understand how power is developed from mechanical and alternative energy sources.  They will explain energy conversion from    electrical to mechanical as relates to transportation vehicles. 




    Students will understand how maintenance procedures, service manuals, research procedures, troubleshooting and resolution are integrated to diagnose and repair transportation and energy systems.  They will use various types of information retrieval systems in a systematic approach to determine specifications, repair and service procedures.  They perform and document maintenance procedures in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer specifications.




                Students will understand the application of electrical elements (volts, amps, ohms, watts) in vehicle circuits and equipment.  They will use tools such as meters and schematic diagrams to diagnose, service and repair circuits and components in various types of electronic devices and systems.



    ROP Auto research paper


    Due date: Thursday August 27th


    History of Cal OSHA, current regulations, things that could shut a shop down.


    Your opinion of the agency.


    A story of an actual accident or investigation looked at by

    Cal OSHA. And your opinion of event.


    Site your sources. 

    Must be 2 pages.

    Resueme project due March 14th

    Start with researching the business

    What are you really going to be doing at that job?

    Put that information in the introduction/ objective



    Specific to the Job or good for showing determination or attentiveness to a task: 

               Things you can do

               Things that you are good at doing

    Things you have done for a long    period of time



         What have you done?

    Anything will help, it shows dedication to a task


    Honors / Awards

     Anything at school

    Anything at church or community

    Elementary school even will help

    Work history


    Jonathan James Dorr

    3832 N. Cleo Ave.

    Fresno CA, 93722

    (559) 977-1111





    To obtain a position were I might be able to use my technical training and skills to become a quality control manager.


    Work Experience

    • Working full time for one year as a welder for Full Throttle Suspension.
    • Assisting a Fresno State instructor in presenting lectures and instructing labs.
    • Framing and construction site experience, working with and around heavy machinery.
    • Teachers’ assistant in the Metals class for three semesters at San Dieguito Academy High school.



    Basic knowledge of ISO certification process

    Knowledge of quality control practices

    Computer literate

    Basic woodworking knowledge

    Basic knowledge in automotive repair and maintenance

    Arc welding, Certified in 60/13 1inch steel, vertical up.

    Mig welding

    Tig welding

    Oxy-acetylene welding,

    Oxy-acetylene cutting

    Plasma torch cutting

    Blue print reading

    AutoCad drafting

    Design and layout



    • Bachelors of Science in Industrial Technology at California State University Fresno, emphasizing Transportation Systems Management, December 2005.
    • Associate in Arts Degree in Welding Technology at Palomar Community College, San Marcos, California, 2001.
    • Graduation from San Dieguito Academy High School, Encinitas, California, June 1999.



    • President (elect) of the Ski and Snowboard Club at California State University Fresno, 2003.
    • Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America, February 1999.
    • Third place in California State Fair for metal fabrication of a Jr. Dragster, 1999.
    • First place and Special Recognition in Del Mar Fair for Jr. Dragster, 1999.


    References available upon request


    ROP Auto research paper


    Due date: November 21, 2019


    History of Cal OSHA, current regulations, things that could shut a shop down.


    Your opinion of the agency.


    A story of an actual accident or investigation looked at by

    Cal OSHA. And your opinion of event.


    Site your sources. 

    Must be 2 pages.



    Industry Standard Assignment


    The object of this assignment is so that you will have a better understanding of what is really going on when you take your car in for service.  Including where they get their prices from, how long each job should take, what the wages are for the workers doing the work, and how much the parts actually cost.



    Pick ONE car and situation to do this project on.


    1. 2001 Ford F150 has brakes that are squeaking when the pedal is pushed.  The driver also complains that the truck pulls to the left when breaking.  After inspection of the brakes you find that the front right caliper is wet.
    2. 1995 Toyota Corolla is complaining that when going over speed bumps there is a really bad squeaking and when braking the car dips down in the front and becomes hard to steer.  After inspection the bounce test shows 4 bounces in the front and 3 in the back.
    3. 1990 Buick Regal Will Not pass smog.  The guy at the smog shop is saying that everything is ok but the EGR valve is not working.  Diagnose where it is and how to replace it.


    Assignment Questions:


    Dealer questions

    1. Diagnose and tell how to fix the problem. 
    2. Find out the cost of the parts.
    3. Find out the Job time.
    4. find out the overall price per hour and overall cost estimate
    5. Starting pay for a technician

    Job Shop

    1. Compare the cost of the parts from a Napa OR other parts store(list the location)
    2. Compare the price per hour and overall cost.
    3. Compare the starting pay of a technician


    This is Due May 26th.  Typed out and turned in during class. 





     Research paper for ROP Auto Due March 3rd

    Do a two page paper on a person or car for any time in the automotive industry.

    Must have one Reference book or magazine article.  ( can be photo copied) Must have a second reference from another source.

    Must be typed.

    Must include facts about the car or person and your opinion about it.




    Term paper
    This is to be done and have the rough draft done by
    This paper is going to be on anything from the auto industry; a person, event, car engine, time in history that changed the industry.   

    To turn this paper in use this email address:  

    Make sure that you put your name and period on the "save as" so I can give you a grade!!!!!!  And in the subject line of the email.



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