• This project is for someone that has taken at least one of my ROP classes and is willing and able to do a self paced project for an entire year.


    Course title:    R.O.P. AUTO 4  Special Projects


    Department:   Industrial Technology



    Course Description


    In this class students will be presented with the challenge of creating a real world project.  They will use the information and skills learned in the previous auto classes to design and create an automotive project that will take the majority of the semester to complete.  Students will be self paced and only given direction from the teacher when it is deemed necessary.  Students will have the creative freedom to create what ever automotive based project they would like as long as it is approved by the instructor.  This project is meant to be something that the student can showcase and be the pinnacle of their automotive talent. 




    Course objectives


    Students will start by brainstorming all potential projects, considering time, required equipment on hand and cost of materials. 


    Students will be required to complete a one page summary of the plan they have along with any drawings or pictures of any kind that will help the instructor understand what you are doing.


    Complete a bill of materials to get the exact cost of the project. 


    Create a time line of how long it will take to complete each step of your project.


    At the mid year mark the student will be required to write a one page update to the teacher telling the progress of the project and any changes to the original plan.


    The final exam for the student will be to write a one page summary of the work done in the year and what the final result of the project was. 

    They will also be required to give an oral presentation to the class showing the project and describing what was done.





           Assessment methods


    Teacher will mark off on this sheet when the student has completed the task.


                          Evidence of student brainstorming on project (50 points)



                           One page plan of action for approval to start project (100 points)


                                      Teacher approval



                          Completed bill of materials (50 points)



                          Completed time line (50 points)



                          One page mid year summary (100 points)



                          One page summary of completed project and complete project (200    points)



                          Oral presentation (5 minutes long min.) (100 points)



    This class is a total of 650 points.


    Grading scale

    A: 650- 550

    B: 549- 450

    C: 449- 350

    D: 349- 250

    F: 249- 0







    Examples of potential projects:


    Removing an engine from a car, rebuilding the engine, and replacing it in the car. 


    Find an engine out of a car and rebuild it with all new parts to make it high horse power.


    Find a transmission and rebuild it and test it in a car.


    Find a car and do suspension modifications to it, lower it using high performance products, lift it making sure that the geometry is kept correct for the travel of the suspension.


    Find a car in need of restoration and replace body panels and restore suspension and engine to original or modified condition.


    Find a car and “chop” it, that is modify the body panels to make the overall appearance different from the stock look.


    Build a buggy of some kind.  Build a role cage and suspension system as well as design the drive train and electrical systems.


    Any other project that involves rebuilding, or modifying something with a motor and wheels. (2 or 4).