• If you are going to be in ROP Advanced Auto next year and would like to be in the auto club Please READ!!!!

    We will be having a club meeting in one week.  Please email me dorrj@luhsd.net with subject line club meeting and I will send you back the date and invite.

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments


    Course title:                      AUTO one

    Department:                             Industrial Technology

    Length of Course:           Semester

    Grade Level(s):               10th-12th                

    Instructor:                      Jon Dorr

    Office :                           Room K 5

                                                    Telephone: 634-3521  ext. 5404        


    Text book:                      Provided in class


                                                    COURSE OBJECTIVES


    Standard 1: SAFETY

    Students will understand safety in the transportation industry that includes mechanical and toxic hazards.  They will operate and use equipment in the shop safely and efficiently, develop an awareness of environmental hazards, and discuss ways of dealing with health and safety concerns.

     Standard 2: TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT

    Students will understand how specific tools and equipment are used to perform maintenance and repair operations.  They will select and use the correct tool or equipment required to perform diagnostic and repair procedures in the shop.

    Standard 3: APPLICATION OF PRINCIPLES       

    Students will understand physical, chemical, environmental, mechanical, and     electrical principles used in transportation.  They will use basic mechanical principles to analyze and explain the function possibilities and design of vehicle and energy systems.

    Standard 4: POWER AND ENERGY

                Students will understand how power is developed from mechanical and     alternative energy sources.  They will explain energy conversion from    electrical to mechanical as relates to transportation vehicles. 



    Students will understand how maintenance procedures, service manuals, research procedures, troubleshooting and resolution are integrated to diagnose and repair transportation and energy systems.  They will use various types of information retrieval systems in a systematic approach to determine specifications, repair and service procedures.  They perform and document maintenance procedures in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer specifications.



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