• COURSE TITLE:  Small Gas Engine


    GRADE LEVEL:    9 - 12        


    COURSE LENGTH:  Semester


    PREREQUISITE:  none             


    CREDIT:          5 units  


    EXTRA CRITERIA:     none


    GRADUATION REQUIREMENT:        elective credit 


    STANDARDS AND BENCHMARKS:                                    




    COURSE DESCRIPTION:       This will be an introduction class for the auto program that will go over the basics of safety, tools, and the mechanics of a motor through the disassembly and reassembly of a small one cylinder motor.  Students will demonstrate ability to repair small engines such as lawn, garden, and small engines used in agriculture. This course will prepare students for the beginning auto class by teaching them safety, tool use and the basic operations of an engine.



    The student will:

    Acquire knowledge of appropriate Theory in the area Four-Stroke Cycle Gasoline Engines.

    Demonstrate use of proper Safety with tool and material handling within a

    Shop environment.

    Use Technical Publications in performing services.

    Identify, demonstrate proper use of, and clean Hand Tools

    Identify and demonstrate proper use of Precision Measuring Tools

    Demonstrate procedure for Troubleshooting.

    Explain Four-Stroke Cycle Engine operating theories.

    Describe engine components, theories, and functions.

    Describe Lubrication Fundamentals.

    Describe functions of Engine Maintenance.

    Perform Engine Maintenance.

    Test a Four-Stroke cycle Gasoline Engine on Engine Dynamometer

    Conduct Four-Stroke Cycle Gasoline Engine Diagnosis

    Service a Four-Stroke Cycle Gasoline Engine

    Perform Failure Analysis


    TEXTBOOK MATERIALS:  Brigs and Stratin video series        

    SUPPLIMENTAL TEXT:   Small Gas Engines, Alfred C. Roth   The Goodheart-Willcox  Company,Inc. 2004


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