Assignments:                     20% is based on completing performance projects,

                                                    Written assignments on time and work sheets.


         Participation:                     50% is based on your participation in class, shop-lab                                                     group and individual activities.


         Quizzes:                             30% is based on weekly test and quizzes.

                                                    Make-up work will be allowed only during lunch.



         TOTAL:                             100%  


                PERCENTAGE                    GRADE

                100 - 88                                   A

                87   - 78                                   B

                77   - 62                                   C

                61   - 55                                   D

                54 BELOW                            F

    Other Important Info

    For The Shop



    The students are required to take the safety test every year they are in the shop and get a 100% every time. 

    The students are required to provide and wear safety glasses at all times in the shop.

                When students are in the shop no lanyards or ear phones are to be worn.          

    Working on cars:

              Students may only drive a car into the shop with a valid driver’s license.

    Students that will be working on their own cars or family cars will need to have written permission to do all work.

    Student projects on personal cars need to be completed in one class period unless worked out ahead of time with teacher.

    Students will need to provide all parts and supplies for working on project as well as any specialty tools that they will need.

    The teacher will not approve projects that will make the vehicle out of legal driving compliance, or create an unsafe situation.


    Warnings about the shop:

    Even though we do not use aerosol spray chemicals, there are chemicals in the shop from past use that are known to cause birth defects in lab animals as per the California health code. 

    This shop is dangerous, I do my best to keep students safe but if rules are broken and students get off task they can get hurt.

    It is the intent of the teacher to watch all students all the time but theft is always a possibility, there are lockers for personal items available, the teacher is not responsible for theft or vandalism to personal items.


    Student expectations:

    Students are expected to work in a professional manner, be able to follow directions, and have self discipline.

                Students will be able to work independently and in a group setting.

    Students will work in a professional manner on projects that are not their own when asked to help, including other students cars and other staff members cars that we sometimes work on.



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         Videos, films, Internet research,

         Hands-on-demonstrations, visual performance

         Group activities, lab-work, and shop projects.