• Please select the calendar you want.
    Students will have all been given a copy of each one at the beginning of each month.
    Homework is from the book .... unless less indicated.  (It is NOT out of the Workbook....those are notes)
    Always from the Chapter-Section it is listed under.
    (4.5 means Chapter 4 Section 5)
    Key to reading the Calendar
    e = even (2, 4, 6, ...)
    o = odd  (1, 3, 5, ...)
    x3 = multiple of threes (3, 6, 9, ....) 
    WS = Worksheet (make sure to get from me, or print off from the handout page) 
    TBA = To Be Announced later (written on the board, sent out as a reminder, told to the class,....)
    Vocabulary Cards are available on Quizlet.
    You will need to create a FREE account (on your phone or on computer) BEFORE you can access the cards.
    Quizlet is available on-line so any computer or phone will work.  
    Please see me to be added to the class.
    Once added to the class, students will recieve the additional Chapter vocabulary lists automatically once I post them.